Hello, Trovians!

Enkindle your soul with the Solarion class, set the field ablaze with a variety of Solarion costumes, and much more!

Set your fiery mark on the lands and claim your blazing glory as these deals will only be available until February 27, 2024, at 11 AM UTC – in our in-game store on all platforms!

☀️Discover the Solarion Packs for up to 30% discount!

Solarion Spark Pack – 20% Discount
Solarion Ember Pack – 25% Discount
Solarion Flare Pack – 30% Discount

☀️The following items are available with a 20% discount:

Pressed Wallflowers
Fantastical Phalanx
Whimsical Wardrobe
Lustrous Dragon Deal
Chronomantic Emblem
11 Chaos Chests
110 Chaos Chests
Ari Gato
Domo Gato

Don’t let this opportunity fade into the sunset, become a true Solarion master today! ☀️✨

Your Trove Team!

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