Greetings, Trovians! 
It’s your favorite dragon, Duraveln, the Hollow Spirit, swooping in with a cheeky grin for Random Acts of Kindness Day! 🐲 
In our dragon realms, kindness isn’t just a flicker – it’s a roaring fire! So, how about a little fun challenge from yours truly? 
Dive into our Discord lair and seek the #❤kindness-jar channel*. It’s like a treasure trove, but instead of gold, it’s brimming with secret messages. Snag one at random – consider it your personal kindness quest to celebrate this occasion! 💖 
As a reward for your acts of kindness, you will receive the “Dragon Whisperer” title in-game. Be quick – participation is open only until Monday, February 19, at 11:59 PM UTC
To claim your title, present your proof of kindness in the form of screenshots (or videos) in the #❤kindness-jar channel. Don’t forget to include your in-game name, region, and the platform on which you play Trove.  
*If you’re unable to see the channel, scroll to the top of the channel list and click on “Channels & Roles”, in the “Browse Channels” tab you will be able to find any channel that may be hidden! 
Now, spread your wings of kindness, Trovians, and let’s make this world a bit brighter, together! 💞

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