Hey Trovians!

We’re bringing the coolest deals your way! Introducing the Frosty Dominion – your ticket to chill in Permafrost! 🧊

Frostify your style and brrr-ace yourselves for discounts of up to 25%, from February 6 at 11:00 am UTC until February 13 at 11:00 am UTC – in our in-game store on all platforms!

🥶 Discover the Ice Sage class with a 20% discount!

🥶 The following costumes are available with a 20% discount:

Black Ice
Shadow’s Disciple
Molten Fury
Nice Sage
Sakura Sage

🥶 Additionally, you can find the following items with a discount of up to 25%:

Glamorous Guises – 25% Discount
Infinium Chef Pack – 25% Discount
Builderite Booklet – 20% Discount
Elysian Jug – 25% Discount
11 Greater Dragon Caches – 20% Discount
33 Greater Dragon Caches – 25% Discount
Huge Heckbug Horde – Only available for a limited time!
Heckbug Huddle – Only available for a limited time!         
Hued Heckbug Hive – Only available for a limited time!
Starcrossed Heckbugs – Only available for a limited time!

🌨️ Hurry, these deals are as fleeting as a snowflake in the breeze!

Stay frosty, Trovians! ❄️
Your Trove Team

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