• Acts of Service take place all over Trove, but Master Pun-chi (and his Overtasked Disciple) will get Trovians started as they complete the Martial Arts Expertise thread. Additional acts of service will become available as players increase in Rank.
  • On reaching Disciple rank, be on the look-out for the Overtasked Disciple out in the wild (Adventure zones), and help him in his tasks to earn additional positive Karma
  • Mantra / Litany of Mega-Lasermancy is now functional within Geode Caves.
  • All Mysticism scrolls can now be traded and their descriptions have been further updated.
  • All Mysticism scrolls now have a small cooldown (1s or lower, depending on the scroll).
  • Scroll: Air Vent and Scroll: Conjure Platform will now work in Club Worlds.
  • Scrolls which had no effect in Club Worlds can no longer be consumed in them (Magic Push, Magic Pull, Ganda Lite).
  • Members of the Neon Punch Club now offer additional ways for you fund them!
  • Scrolls of the Mystic Arts system should have their own models now.
  • Mana beasts should now rarely drop their trophies.
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