• Alchemystic's Insight now lasts 3 minutes (up from 1).
  • Stance: Explosive Projectiles, Shout: Massive Roar, and Shout: Explosive Yell will no longer trigger in club worlds. Please note that the Mantra and Litany of Mega-Lasermancy will still trigger in club worlds, so mine & Martial Art with care if destroy privileges are on!
  • Generally updated the descriptions of Scrolls to be more in line with potions and mantras.
  • Added recipe requirement information to the Mana Manual and Mystical Mecha recipes.
  • Buffs and Potions in Mysticism should have their own models now.
  • Cleaned up the images on NPC merchants so they no longer overlap the text in the tile.
  • Updated Fluxion’s potential offerings to include event rewards from Snowfest of 2022 through Sunfest of 2023.  Please note these offerings won’t be available until the Fluxion rotation on December 4th. 
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