• In addition to their current effects, all Manahunter Buffs and Potions also slightly increase yield when harvesting mana in their associated biome.
  • The following Litanies/Mantras/Shouts/Stances no longer trigger even after the triggering animation is stopped: Litany & Mantra of Mega-Lasermancy, Litany & Mantra of Meta-Lasermancy, Shout: Intimidating Screech, and Stance: Running-Momentum-Transfer.
  • The block damage for Mantra/Litany of Mega-Lasermancy, Shout: Explosive Yell, & Shot: Massive Roar has been increased.
  • Introducing the Mystic Madness pack, containing the Sorcerer Centaur and Wizardly Wyvern mounts, the Overloading Omnibus and Manahunting: Master Edition tomes, and the Enchanted Emerald Escort and Tiny Flying Magic Friend allies.
  • Some additional trophies that previously did not give "soul tangles" now do (not fish though, while Trovian fish MAY have souls, the Neon Punch Club is still investigating their potential.)
  • Mysticism & Martial Arts currency Inventory items can be viewed at the top of the second (Dragon Coin) tab of the currency inventory. Paragon and Progression items have also been moved to the second tab.
  • Mysticism Buff & Potion tooltips, and a few Martial Arts tooltips, have been upgraded to contain more information about their effects.
  • Fixed an issue where buff names in the effects viewer would sometimes cut off prematurely.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing buff icons to scale improperly.
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