• Some Mystic Arts recipes (like collectables) require Crystallized Elemental Mana to craft. This Mana can be found by hunting Lesser Mana Beasts, which appear in Drowned, Cursed Skylands, Igneous Islands, and Geode Topside adventure worlds.
  • Mana Maximizers now drop from Leviathans, Dragons, and a few other large/bossy NPCs.
  • Mana Maximizers may now rarely drop when crafting any Mystic Arts BUFF, POTION, or selected additional recipes.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some Potion recipes on the Alchemystic's Lab from being craftable when they should be.
  • The Battler rank of Martial Arts has been renamed Disciple.
  • The Effect Viewer should now close if movement keys are used.
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