Additional Updates:

  • Joining club members via the Club UI is now disabled on PC specifically.
  • Editing the bomb permissions for the president is now possible with a Controller.
  • Updated the text on step 9 of the Star Chart questline to be more accurate.
  • The Robo-Raptor mount and Balefire wings are now visible in collections even if locked.
  • Uber-10 and Uber-11 gem boxes should now count for Gemsly’s tutorial on gems and how they work•    Taeryn Veernok, Progenitor of the Cosmos has had its passive ability changed. Now it will only work while a player is mounted. While mounted, the player and many players around them will get a buff that increases their jump by 5 and increases how high each jump will send them into the air.
  • The Terrific Title Trove now has a Karma bar.
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