Additional Updates:

  • Updated the Terrific Title Trove:
    • This box contains 1 random, temporary title unavailable elsewhere in-game.
    • Unlick Certificate Titles, these titles can be consumed directly and do not need to be unlocked and then crafted.
    • Generally, the titles from this box can be traded or placed on the Marketplace, as well as Loot Collected.
    • This box has no karma bar, but a Truly Terrific Title Trove – guaranteeing a rare result – is available when purchasing the box 33 units at a time.
    • Common and Uncommon titles from this box last 1 week, while Rare titles (usually) last 1 month and can contain embedded Metrics within the titles to show to other Trovians.
  • An introduction questline for the Star Chart system has been added. Talk to the Celestial on the top floor of the Crafting Corner to get it started!
  • Forced some dialogs to close if the user switches between keyboard/mouse and controller inputs.
  • Added support for keyboard/mouse to the Settings panel, so players are not stuck in controller mode if that’s already selected.
  • Fixed a typo in the description for the title “of Calm Conviction”.
  • Fixed ", the Unforgiven" draconic title recipe so that it no longer asks for a Balefire Dragon Egg Fragment.
  • Fixed the description text for the title ", Big Game Hunter" to no longer mention Pinatas, which are small game.
  • Fixed the triggering metric for the title ", Champion of the Depths" to be 150 rather than 180.
  • Fixed the capitalization for the name of the creator on the Clever Claudia and Eldritch Drake helmet styles.
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