Hey Trovians!
Have you ever met the Tailor Trunk?
No? Well, then allow us to introduce you to this box of surprises!

“Most will say to be cautious of strange unknown chests of which you may or may not know the contents of, however, this one chest in particular means no harm… just stay away from those sharp teeth!”

The Tailor Trunk is one of many Trove NPCs you can find in the Hub and this one in particular will offer you costumes tailored to the current class you’re playing! Isn’t that neat?

If you don’t know the Tailor Trunk, you probably are also wondering where you can find it!

The Tailor Trunk is located in the Character Corner, southwest of the Hub, between the Statue of the Sun Goddess and the Geodian & Delver’s Guild Halls!

Be sure to pay the Tailor Trunk a visit, it might have an unexpected surprise for you!

“How are the clothes even floating like that?” – The Trove team

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