• Empowered Gems now have updated values for leveling.
  • The cost of gem leveling has been rebalanced along with Crystal Gem deconstruction values.
  • Solar Flare no longer can continue to apply slow fall after changing classes.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Atlas to show incorrect information for the first Uber world.
  • The warning effect on the Shadow Clam and Ashen Spore Spreader’s reflect ability now occurs shortly before the damage begins to reflect.
  • Updated the Geode Topside 5-Star Dungeon chests back to the standard configuration.
  • 3-Star dungeons will once again appear in Sundered Uplands.  Thank you for helping us test 5-Star mechanics!
  • Non-rare 5-Star bosses will once again appear in 5-Star dungeons.
  • Two allies, Tszup and Sundered Shard, and two mounts, Watt’s Saucer and Sundered Sunderer, can now be found in all 5-Star boss chests rarely.  These can also be crafted on the Sundered Uplands Workbench.
  • Though this change was originally made only with testing in mind, Sundered Uplands will continue to appear more frequently in Prime worlds by default.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Scroll: Defense++ (Obsidian) from applying properly.
  • Adjusted some animations for Solarion.
  • Classes that were previously missing audio for footsteps have had it restored.
  • Spikewalker Trophies can now stack.
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