St. Qubeslick 2021 - Art Challenge Results

March 30, 2021 (updated 3 weeks ago) by Etaew

Thanks to everyone who took part in our St. Qubeslick 2021 art challenge, we have the results fresh from Mobi and have distributed the rewards. A few extra event packs have made their way onto the Trovesaurus Rewards section for those who have been saving their Reward Token.

Etaew's note: Great effort guys, a special call-out to all our first-time entries, and the number of traditional drawings we had. Give some support to our artist folks, liking or commenting on their work can be very rewarding to them and encourage them to create more.


The following entries will receive a Huntsman's Hoarded Horde pack.

Honorable Mentions

The following entries will receive 2x Reward Tokens.


Valid entries will receive 1x Reward Token.

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