St. Qubeslick 2021

March 9, 2021 (updated 1 month ago) by Etaew

Event Summary

This event focuses on hunting Luckbeasts and Fluxbeasts, but to see them, you need to craft special food!


Main Quest Chain

#0/7: Complete Qubesly's Quest to access Events

#1/7: Meet Qubesly in the Hub

St. Qubeslick's Feast 1/7: Trovian! How is your stomach? I have some plans this year for St. Qubeslick! Meet me in the hub!

Qubesly can be found next to Gardeners Wagon on the left side of the spawn platform.

#2/7: Collect St. Qubeslick's Sevenspice (25)

St. Qubeslick's Feast 2/7: Check out my wares! And my costume! Aren't I amazing? I know, I know, thank you! This year I wanted to teach you how to bake the Feast of St. Qubeslick! The first step of the recipe is the fabled Sevenspice of St. Qubeslick! I've got enough to get you started, but it comes from the TREASURE ISLES biome in Adventure Worlds!

Rewards: Dragon Coin 15

The St. Qubeslick's Sevenspice can be obtained from reward chests in dungeons and from world-bosses. Dungeons from Treasure Isles biome in both Adventure world and Drowned worlds work.

#3/7: Collect Washed Totter Tates (10)

St. Qubeslick's Feast 3/7: Next step? Starch! I mean Totter Tates! I've been authorized to sell you some, but I need to be honest, it would be MUCH cheaper if you could source the Totter Tates yourself. There's even a sink you can use behind my chair to wash 'em! If you don't have a green thumb, consider checking the MARKETPLACE.

Rewards: Bound Brilliance 15

#4/7: Craft St. Qubeslick's Delite!

St. Qubeslick's Feast 4/7: Now that you've got the ingredients, you can cook it right up on this Min-E Bake Oven next to me!

#5/7: Obtain a Luckbeast Haunch

St. Qubeslick's Feast 5/7: Equip that Delite right in your Food slot, head over to the JURASSIC JUNGLE, and find a Luckbeast! Remember, they're INVISIBLE unless you've got a St. Qubeslick's Delite or Feast equipped!

Rewards: Crystalline Core 25

Equip St. Qubeslick's Delite! and while it is active hunt for Green and Yellow T-rex dinosaurs in Jurassic Jungle biome. Eventually one of those will drop Luckbeast Haunch - found in your Crafting Materials inventory.

#6/7: Craft the Feast of St. Qubeslick

St. Qubeslick's Feast 6/7: Ok! Remember how to make the St. Qubeslick's Delite? Well, the Min-E-Bake Oven can also make the Feast! It's next to me in the Hub, give it a shot once you've obtained the ingredients!

#7/7: Collect One of the Luckbeast's Treasures

St. Qubeslick's Feast 7/7: Great work, Trovian! Now that you can make the Feast, you can spend more time hunting the Luckbeast for some of its treasure!

Rewards: Builder's Superior Focus 1

Hunt Luckbeast or Fluxbeast until one of the following drops:

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Has anybody found a use for extra allies? They're untradable and don't seem to be loot-collectable. Just trash 'em?


I would keep a hold of them until the Trove Team look at it, I believe the intention is to have them deconstructable, and they may be so on PTS already?


Alrighty! They don't take up that much space so I'll just keep them until further notice :)

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can be obtained from reward chests in dungeons and form world-bosses

found a spelling error

is it worth doing this event for the rewards other than the Dragon coins?


Thank you, it has been fixed.

As for doing the event, it depends if you want those 2 mounts and 2 allies :)

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wow, so all you get at the end is a gem augment item that you can get easily. ima just get the pack and call this event done


Yeah the quest steps themselves don't seem to have any unique rewards, the rewards are from the 2 mounts and 2 allies that drop from the beasts.

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what if i try to get the items from the beasts but i cant? will luxion sell them in the future?


Event items usually appear on Luxion a year or so later.

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