SkyTheVirus' Flippy Friends Challenge

November 16, 2020 (updated 6 months ago) by Etaew
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For the next two weeks SkyTheVirus has issued a challenge to our community artists to draw one or more of the dolphins from the Dominating Dolphins mod pack for a chance to receive one of the ones that were added to the game.


  • Create some Trove fan-art featuring one or of the Dolphins from the Dominating Dolphins mod pack (see below)
  • Upload your fan-art to the Fan Art Gallery on Trovesaurus
  • Make your art visible, and enter into the Flippy Friends challenge


  • Monday, November 16, 2020 to Monday, November 30, 2020


Dominating Dolphins

Mod Pack:

Imgur Album:

Docile Dolphin

Battle Ready Bottlenose

Guarding Gandolphin

Frozen Frostfin

Deceased Dolphin

Parting Phantomfin

Steampowered Autofin

Enchanting Faefin

Blueberry Gummy Fin

Salty Cookiefin

Sundae Swimmer

Slipstream Surfer

Kami of Brine Seas

Flaming Flipper

Triassic Trapfin (ichthyosaurs)

Jadebound Stone Surfer

Terracotta Earthfin

Scurvey Treasurefin

Skyfin Dolphin

Shadowscorn Surfer

Luminious Starfin

Violent Voidfin

Chaotic Killer

Botanic Floralfin

Aquauius Aquafin





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