Splendid Summer 2020

June 9, 2020 (updated 4 weeks ago) by Evilagician

Main Quest Chain

#0/7: Reach Mastery Level 10 to Unlock this Event Adventure (10)

Rewards: Confetti Ball 1

#1/7: Change your look at the Barbershop (1)

Splendid Summer 1/7: Hi Trovian, its your old pal, Amberine! I heard tell that its Splendid Summer again and wanted to make sure you were taking care of yourself! Change  up your look at the barbershop to look sharp this summer!

Rewards: Lustrous Gem Box 3

#2/7: Throw Confetti Balls to Celebrate yourself! (5)

Splendid Summer 2/7: Wow, you look incredible. Strike a pose and throw some confetti balls to show the world how good it is to be YOU! If you're running low on excitement, you can always craft more confetti balls at the Radiant Dayspring.

Rewards: Double Experience Potion 1

#3/7: Check out the Radiant Dayspring (0)

Splendid Summer 3/7: I heard tell that there is some sort of situation happening over at the Radiant Dayspring. Head to the statue in the Trovian hub and let me know what you find.

Rewards: Empowered Gem Box 3

#4/7: Craft a Prismatic Essense (0)

Splendid Summer 4/7: Prismatic? Like a Dragon?? Craft that essense and lets see what we can make of this!

Rewards: Prismatic Essence 4

#5/7: Use Prismatic Essense (0)

Splendid Summer 5/7: Use the essense Trovian, use it!

Rewards: Pride Ride

#6/7: Explore the Hub (0)

Splendid Summer 6/7: Did you see that clue, Trovian? I think something may be hidden in the hub. Use those sparkles on you to try and find whatever is hidden here. If you run out of sparkles eat another prismatic essense to gain them back and get a clue. I'm proud of you Trovian. I bet you can solve this mystery.

Rewards: Chaos Chest 10

#7/7: Earn Dragon Coins (25)

Splendid Summer 7/7: 50 Dragon Coins? We can do that huh, Trovian? Complete challenges to earn dragon coins and I'll match you. Happy Splendid Summer, I couldn't be prouder of you!

Rewards: Dragon Coin 25

Daily Adventures

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liked this!

liked this!

liked this!

How do i complete the mission explore the hub???

For red essence, use the item to make you glow and then interract with the right eye of the dragon head under the crucible

For orange, go to geode topside and find one of the spirals that takes you underground. go as far down as naturally allowed and then bomb towards the center to find the orange

For yellow, interract with a block ganda spawns

For green, interract with the green faeflower pip once fully grown

how do you do the red essence?


Is there any point to craft and follow the essences?


unlock dracolyte custom i guess

liked this!

i tought it was gonna be sunfest event D: