Quest Chain - Plunder Pals - September 10, 2019 - September 24, 2019

September 10, 2019 by Evilagician, Ylva,

Yar Har Matey! Talk like a Pirate, Walk like a Pirate and Roam the Seas in this new event from Tuesday, September 10, 2019 to Monday, September 24, 2019 on PC's and Consoles.

#1/7: Defeat Treasure Isle Dungeons (15)

Plunder Pals 2019 1/7: Ahoy Trovian, it's me, Saltwater Sam! It's time to take on the pirates of the Treasure Isles as Plunder Pals has begun. If you prove yourself a loyal crewmember there will be loot for you too!

Rewards: Chaos Chest 10

#2/7: Gather Golden Seashells (50)

Plunder Pals 2019 2/7: Yar Har! Now that you have shown those pirates the business you should gather up seashells for me. I love hunting seashell buoys in the Treasure Isles.

Rewards: Empowered Gem Box 3

#3/7: Find Flux Treasures (5)

Plunder Pals 2019 3/7: I like the cut of your jib, Trovian. I can never get enough Flux and those pirates are trouble. Takedown dungeons in any world for a chance to find Flux Treasures.

Rewards: Double Experience Potion

#4/7: Collect Dragon Coins (10)

Plunder Pals 2019 4/7: Aye, thank you Trovian. People call pirates greedy, but I just want to see you succeed. There's no better way to succeed than by raising dragons! Gather Dragon Coins by completing hourly challenges.

Rewards: Dragon Coin 15

#5/7: Pillage Water Gem Boxes (15)

Plunder Pals 2019 5/7: Avast matey, if you're going to prove yourself to me you'll need to be stronger. Gather up Water Gem Boxes from Drowned worlds and show those pirates a thing or two.

Rewards: Gem Booster Box 5

#6/7: Buy from a Treasure Isles vendor

Plunder Pals 2019 6/7: Not all pirates are into piracy! Many of my fellow sailors have taken to a life of merchancy. Please, support my friends on the open oceans by purchasing something from them on the high seas.

Buy any of the following:

Rewards: Lustrous Gem Box 2

#7/7: Sail the Seven Seas

Plunder Pals 2019 7/7: Shiver me timbers, you are a true friend! Please, take up sails and show off your sea legs. My Pembarr had puppies recently and I would be honored if you would take one of them. Their name is Parlay.

Equip and sail on a boat!

Rewards: Parlay, the Plunder Pup

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