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October 10, 2018 | Evilagician | 251

The past two weeks we hosted another building contest, this time the topic is creating your own Geodian home. Thanks to builders who created these awesome builds.


Editor Comment: Turning a companion egg into a livable home is just too cute for words. Others would just hatch it because of a maybe-rare-companion.

by CDM135 October 2, 2018 - 3 weeks ago

While building original large structures may not be my forté, I enjoy the interior decoration aspect of building much more! So I decided to challenge myself with a tight, oddly shaped structure like the companion egg. More Screenshots below:

Exterior During the Day:

First Floor, with a dual staircase and balcony:

Second Floor, using the clear top of the egg as an observatory:

Relaxing Window View:

And the Cave Module Mannequin on the first floor:

Editor Comment: The shuttle is a nice way to travel from solidarity to geode. Great use of both that color set and also creating something new.

by Dizzy October 6, 2018 - 2 weeks ago

Check out pictures below!

Additional view from the side

Earth cave with unidentified resources

Storage Unit and entrance to the cave

Living room


Chillout area with small kitchen and CookDroid 2.0 

Spaceship cargo storage

Spaceship command bridge

And one more view this time from below

Editor Comment: Great use of Geodian architecture on great heights.

by AirRider October 5, 2018 - 2 weeks ago

It is a simple design with only one floor but it has everything a guardian might need, including an elevator to get up there. 


Here is an image of what the inside looks like close up.

OMG Deco Overload Highlight

Editor Comment: This cornerstone would fit in both Trove and Geode, Colors right and an overload of decorations ^^.

by Spirare October 8, 2018 - 2 weeks ago

/joinworld Gleaming Radiance and use the green portal to see it ingame.

This is designed as the home of a Sunseeker. It's made purely within the confines of a 16x16 cornerstone plot, but isn't made to be used as an actual cornerstone; it has everything that a Geodian might look for in a home, but wouldn't be too appealing for a Trovian to use.

This is made in the open on the surface of Geode, but that's not exactly the safest place to be right now, so of course the Sunseeker living here needs protection. There's no magical artifact left behind by the Builder to use, so instead those devices in the corners replicate the barricade of the Sanctuary. It's not quite as powerful, but it gets the job done. Next to the devices in question are the fuel tanks needed to power them, as well as tools for any repairs needed.

...yes, of course the barrier protects the devices themselves. Why do you ask?

Just imagine there's antigravity up/down airavators next to those. I can't afford those.

The first floor has various things you might need in everyday life. In this bit is a dinner table stocked with a rare delicacy imported from Trove: Mushroom Chunks!

This Sunseeker happens to have taken up gardening as a hobby.

...who knows what the red stuff in the tank is for? Maybe it helps keep the plants alive.

A model of the Solidarity might end up being useful.

This guy works in storage in the Sanctuary. Someone has to do it, after all...

Up on the second floor is a private study, under a solid roof for once.

Do Geodians need to sleep? You could probably use this place for that too, if the weather outside isn't too great.

I guess he's taken up a second hobby.

Be The Light

There's quite a few worlds in the Sun Goddess's domain. Why should a statue have to be restricted to just 3?

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