cantafrond has posted some notes from the last developer livestream over on the Trove forums.



  • There will be a ‘Shadowy Market’ crafting table/vendor
    • Available upon completing a Shadow Arena/Dungeon.
  • Completing Shadow Arenas/Dungeons will also award Shadow Shards
    • 1 for U1
    • 2 for U2
    • 5 for U3
    • 10 for U4
    • and 15 for U5
  • Shadow Shards
    • Used at the Shadowy Market
    • To craft Shadow Caches
    • At a cost of 10 shards per Cache
  • Caches have a chance to drop, among other things, “super-rare” Hearts of Darkness that are not available anywhere else, which are used to create new:


  • More work is being done on the Radiant Ruins, meaning more layers, more dungeons, and props/recipes to acquire.


  • The “epic” quest to craft the Neon Wings will revolve around four items that have to be forged in secret locations around the world.


  • The upcoming Pirate class will have a pet and abilities that drop objects.
  • Skins will include regular pirate attire, a ghost pirate costume, and a regal master-commander style.
  • There may be a preview of the Pirate during next week’s livestream.


  • New UI stuff is coming: collections page, inventory, store and a general rework of logistics and how everything is organized.
  • There is currently no ETA on Chaos Coins or Chaos Coins, which give a point of Chaos Factor when consumed, or the Chaos Factor itself, which will award one Chaos Chest per Factor per day.
  • Additions to the in-game store are planned, most likely meaning more items will be available.
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