This spring the free Trove – Heroes expansion is going to unleash a powerful new class and beautiful new sub-biome, but it’s also bringing all sorts of improvements to elements of the game that were due for an update.

Welcome Screen

The new Welcome screen can be accessed using the same navigation menu or hotkey you use today, but has received a MAJOR upgrade.

  • The new menu is smaller and cleaner. It shows only the current daily bonus on the main window but you can also open an expanded list to show all daily bonuses available each day.
  • Daily bonuses have changed to bring similar bonuses together under the same day (for example: Adventure and PvP XP bonuses now both occur on Saturday).
  • Sunday is now Loot Day which offers +100 to Magic Find, Double chance to find Flux Artifacts, and an increased Chaos Chest drop rate. All daily bonuses are boosted even higher for Patrons!

VFX Culling

With VFX culling we’re able to automatically hide some visual effects when there are a lot of particles in view of your camera. By hiding some VFX in these situations this should provide for more stable game client performance.
In a Shadow Tower boss fight it’s very important for you to see what attacks are being used by the boss, but it’s less important to see all the VFX of every ability being used by your fellow players. In PvP it’s incredibly important that you see the VFX of abilities being used by other players so while the Shadow Tower has player VFX as a low priority in a Battle Arena player VFX are high priority.

Dracolyte Class Changes

  • Basic Attack/Flamethrower
    • The diameter of the Flamethrower basic attack has been increased in size by 100% which is half of one block.
    • The length of the Flamethrower basic attack has been increased in size by 18% which is one whole block.
    • Flamethrower basic attack will now convert slippery ice blocks into “charred” blocks for a short time, removing their slippery nature.
  • Spit Fire
    • Dracolyte familiar now charges twice as fast.
    • Spit Fire projectile speed has been doubled.
  • Burnt Offering
    • Dragon Idols now detonate after 6s (prior to Heroes they simply despawned).
    • Dragon Idols now detonate after two hits (previously 4 hits).
    • The throwing distance for Dragon Idols has been increased slightly.
  • Avatar of Flame
    • Flamethrower attack while in Dragon form now does 100% more damage.
    • Magic Damage is increased by 50% while in Dragon form.
    • Health regen is increased by 300% while in Dragon form.
  • Burning Ward changes:
    • Dragon Idols now spawn a Dracolyte minion 100% of the time.
    • Without heals, Dracolyte minions live for 13s.

These are just a few of the much anticipated changes coming with Trove – Heroes. If you’re also excited to see terraformers and Old Boots becoming stackable then Heroes is the expansion for you!
Tune into our weekly livestreams every Friday at 12:30 PM PST (8:20 PM GMT) to see the changes ahead in loving color.
Next week we’ll dig deeper into the Vanguardian expert class so tune in next time: same Vanguardian time, same Vanguardian channel!

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I'm really hoping this comes this month like they said it would on livestream. I'm starting to doubt it though.. On twitter they said they didn't have a release date yet to a question and that "it was coming soon"tm.

On every new post they mention "spring" which starts on the 20th but it feels like if it was coming before the end of the month they would say "in a few weeks".

I really hope we aint stuck waiting months for a new class, new "sub" biome with a flashy welcome screen and a couple styles.

They went from patching every week to patching every few months and instead of releasing items in the game for free through events or chaos chests now they are in $5-$20 packs. No real new content, no real new anything other than styles that are community made and imported into the game with a few clicks of the mouse and a 30$ price tag attached.

Yeah i agree, this game NEEDs something new like we need Oxygen to breathe. 


Pricing seems hefty though, it's expensive to be a Trovian nowadays :/ perhaps even too expensive to be worth it

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