Evil-day Contest - 24th Nov - 1st Dec

Posted November 24, 2017 by Evilagician and viewed 2,105 times.

To Celebrate the birthday of the Evil One we're doing something different. No art contest, no modding contest, but a screenshot contest. And yeah, Etaew totally forced me to write this page myself.


  • Find one of Evilagicians Dungeons.
  • Wear something festive.
  • Have your username visible above your head (PC: is an option in the settings, Consoles: take one without).
  • Take a screenshot.
  • Upload the screenshot to the Trovesaurus Art Gallery using the tag Screenshots of Evils Dungeons For Evil Day


  • Must be your own screenshot.
  • Must be festive enough for a bday party (cake does count).
  • Screenshots from Metaforge don't count.


  • Friday, November 24, 2017, to Friday, December 1, 2017


Up to a maximum of 20 random people will receive a Land Scaper 8000-T.

Thanks to Dusty_Mustard for providing the rewards. The amount will depend on participation.

Dungeons applicable

The following dungeons are available on both consoles and PC:

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