Trove – Adventures will be here before you know it, so every week we’re going to take a look at some of the new hotness each week leading up to launch on November 14th. This week we’re going to show off the Forbidden Spires biome, LED Blocks, and Frameworks.

Forbidden Spires
This Eastern-inspired biome is a gorgeous addition to the Trovian landscape. The terrain is lush and serene but the newly discovered enemies you’ll find here are a force to be reckoned with.

Face off against raging rams, savage spirits, terracotta terrors and the dangerous dragonis! Rarely, these new foes will drop Fiery Feathers – a new crafting material that can be used (along with other items) to craft Onbari, Empress of the Southern Skies.

The all-new dungeons are a sight to behold. Clear out the recipe dungeons for a chance to unlock unique new recipes on the Forbidden workbench.

Frameworks are pre-built structures that you can set up in your club world to give boosts, spawn vendors, or summon a new type of NPC that grants all-new adventures!

There are a ton of fixtures available as your club levels up, and every member of the club can help it gain experience by completing adventures. As your club grows you can upgrade your fixtures to provide better buffs and perks.

Types of frameworks include:

  • Base – Allow summoning of NPCs & a bank for storing in-game currency used to cover cost of various fixtures
  • Combat – Give buffs to every member of the club that increase their power in PvE (fixture buffs won’t apply in PvP).
  • Utility – Special vendors, a fixture that allows your club to place down mounts as a display item to show off your club’s rarest of the rare, and more!
  • Ultimate – These are the biggest and best of all the fixtures. Bonuses include giving members a chance to land a double hit when attacking, reducing the rent on all your fixtures, or a chance to refill the flask charges of any member when in fighting enemies.

LED Blocks
These new blocks for builders come in 15 different colors and with three distinct functions:

  • Persistent Blocks – Are either always on or always off, depending on which you choose.
  • Short Interval Blocks – Blink on/off in 1 second intervals.
  • Long Interval Blocks – Blink on/off in 3 second intervals.

You can rarely find recipes for different types of LED blocks in any Recipe Dungeon in the game, pick them up from the Club Merchant in the Hub, or from the Traveling Merchant fixture in your club.

We’re just getting started on sharing all the amazingness coming with Trove – Adventures, so be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date on all the latest news. November 14th is coming up fast and it’s going to be an incredible adventure!

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