Trove Eclipse

Now that the solar eclipse has come and gone the real Eclipse has cast a shadow upon Trovians the world over. The Trove Eclipse ushers in powerful new enemies and the tools to fight for the light. Take part in the Shadow Escalation event and pickup daily login rewards. Use Gem Forging to raise your power to all new heights. Customize your Trovian with Subclasses, and that is just scratching this surface of this epic update!

Shadow Escalation
This is a new event with 10 missions to guide you through the newly revamped Shadow Tower. Take down all six bosses and earn mission rewards in addition to the epic loot you get from taking down these powerful forces of darkness.

Defeat the dreaded Darknik Dreadnought (the most brutal boss to ever set foot in the worlds of Trove) and earn your very own Shadow Panda mount.

Giant Shadow Panda

Gem Forging
Gem Forging allows Trovians to increase the existing stats on gems and swap out stats that don’t work for a specific class. Make your gems as close to perfect as they can get with this powerful new system! Learn more about Gem Forging here.

Once you reach level 10 you’ll automatically unlock a Subclass. Subclasses give your character a bonus passive skill related to any other Trove class (even ones you haven’t unlocked). You can swap between Subclasses on the fly and level them up during your adventures. Get the full rundown on Subclasses here.

Eclipse brings seven new Dragons to Trove! The materials to craft these gorgeous new dragons are scattered throughout the game. Visit the Dragon Crucible in the Hub to learn what materials needed for any/all the scintillating serpents.

  • Voidwalker Dragon Egg Fragments for Indurion, the Unwavering, can be found in Shadow Caches.
  • Iridescent Dragon Egg Fragments for Baesmuth, the Shaper’s Gift, can be found randomly while mining.
  • Spinner Dragon Egg Fragments for Rachnaphon, the Silent Spectator, can be found as a rare drop from spiders in the Fae Forest biome.

  • Floral Dragon Egg Fragments for Petallura, Nature’s Beckoning, can be found randomly from planted harvests.
  • Preserver Dragon Egg Fragments for Miraldis, the Primordial Preserver, can be found as a rare drop from dinosaurs in the Jurassic Jungle biome.
  • Ice Dragon Egg Fragments for Wyntegra, Galenor’s Pride, can be found while mining ice shards in the Permafrost biome.
  • Kami Dragon Egg Fragments for Crisopeia, The Crucible of Souls, can be found as a rare drop from robots in the Neon City biome or from Shadow Vaults.

The Hub
Begin your daily adventures in Trove with gorgeous new additions to the Hub. Look up in awe at the glimmering Sun Goddess Statue which provides a home for the Trovian Atlas, Radiant Merchant, and the Radiant Dayspring bench.

The Trove Atlas is a simple yet elegant tool for transporting Trovians through far flung worlds. Simply interact with the Atlas, pick the world you want to visit, and be transported with the greatest of ease.

Eclipse Pack
This pack includes items imbued with light as well as those shrouded in shadow. Pick up 6 majestic mounts, 3 ascendant allies, and 18 sizzling styles!

Eclipse Pack

The Eclipse casts a long shadow, but the night is always darkest just before dawn. Join the fight today!

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