Site Updates - May/June/July Edition

August 1, 2017 | Etaew | 722

Here is a round up of site activity and changes over the past three months.

Site Changes in May

  • May 1: Fixed Troxel links to point to a newer version of the site, more links should load
  • May 3: Sageosaurus bot retired from Discord, new web server triggered webhook bots now provide announcements in Discord
  • May 3: Mod page now focuses on images instead of large boxes
  • May 3: Collection pages now correctly display crafting information for related base items, and now display the count for visual identification on the nav bar, the tab is also hidden when crafting is not relevant
  • May 4: Released the early version of the NPCs database
  • May 9: Art you have uploaded no longer shows on the art sidebar, this was getting crowded, it now shows recent 6 and random 6
  • May 15: Sign icons are now generated correctly
  • May 17: Images module on pages now more pleasantly fit in a grid if the height is mismatched
  • May 22: Adjusted the appearance of the giveaway page, so it has a greater highlight of opening and draw dates, as well as rewards and signups
  • May 26: Added Themes section of the site, brings together items, deco and collections that share a common theme
  • May 30: Switched over to the Summer theme logo thanks to SkyTheVirus

Site Changes in June

  • June 13: style tags on pages can now support multiple per line
  • June 13: Can now add specific images and text on style pages
  • June 15: Added a Megalithic preview section to frontpage
  • June 17: Crafting section now displays icon and no longer seperates into different pages
  • June 19: Descriptions added to crafting materials and lootboxes thanks to ExoDave
  • June 21: News and Guides now generate table of contents automatically if they contain 3 or more Header 2's
  • June 22: Mods with related art no longer run into an image conflict
  • June 22: Certain time functions can now support longer style date formats easier
  • June 22: You can now view created and updated dates on collection pages
  • June 22: Added new class tag for pages
  • June 30: Subpages now copy over the original page content, this makes it easier to avoid errors with copy and pasted tag generated content

Site Changes in July

  • July 6: Internal - added the ability to pin global site messages to the top of the site easier
  • July 6: The text editor has new formats to choose from, the lead class and alert colours for success, info warning and danger
  • July 6: Removed mod loaders and guides from the mods dropdown box
  • July 6: Added mod packs to the nav bar, removed the side nav widget that used to be the only link to it
  • July 6: Added new modpack tag for pages
  • July 6: Updated the mod stats page, lists amount of mods, how many accepted, view counts on steam and trovesaurus
  • July 7: Updated the crafting DB
  • July 7: Collection pages now show more prominently instead of hiding behind a tab, the crafted by information, if they are craftable
  • July 7: Updated the sounds DB, although it still lacks titles
  • July 8: Subtle information about login rewards are now displayed on the Today in Trove section
  • July 8: You can now change the background for your site icons, also there are new visual selections for site background images and icons
  • July 8: To add personalisation, when viewing other peoples profile pages you will see their chosen site background
  • July 9: Removed ability for modders to claim older orphaned mods on their own
  • July 9: You can no longer set a mods primary and secondary colour, these fields were not used enough
  • July 9: Modders can no longer set status of their mods, there are now only 3 statues, unpublished = default, published = auto when enough info set, accepted = we set this when it is accepted into game
  • July 9: New accepted mods page, managed by SkyRider
  • July 10: When viewing art from a specific tag, we'll try and look up and display the contest information page for you
  • July 11: Re-releasing biomes section, it now intelligently loads items, collections, styles, npc art and things from the forums
  • July 11: Refreshed the NPCs section, they are now categorised and can have more information, Evilagician is managing this section
  • July 13: You can now directly reply to email notifications about site private messages, this will automatically be processed by the site and a reply sent as if you were using the site. Your email address will remain hidden.
  • July 14: You can now pin recipes to the front page of the site and your profile.
  • July 18: Experimental code to make the livestream page display more reliably
  • July 18: Misc errors in the log cleaned up
  • July 18: Removed the additional livestream metrics we didn't use, such as streamer viewers over a time period, and how many stream sessions in total
  • July 20: The Dev Tracker now monitors the TroveGame twitter account, and displays on the site and on Discord
  • July 20: Cleaned up the Dev Tracker page, and URL structure. Removed the ability to search by text and author.
  • July 24: Changed the appearance slightly of the default featured streamer banner
  • July 26: Changed many database fields from latin1 to utf8.
  • July 27: User platform is now included in user links, this cleans up the followed users on nav bar
  • July 27: Created Countries page
  • July 27: Added a Eclipse preview section to frontpage
  • July 28: Art is no longer announced immediately, a background task does this, and re-queues on failure
  • July 28: The Gallery now has categories such as Baking, Crafts and Renders
  • July 28: When mods fail to announce, they are re-queued and attempted again next ping
  • July 28: Cached the amount of likes for each artwork, so it isn't recalculated every search, this makes the most liked art filter a lot quicker
  • July 30: Fixed pagination sounds page when no category is set
  • July 30: Added new filters when viewing a category on the sounds page, those with a name, and those without a name. Some names added thanks to Shirokiri and pendk
  • July 30: Added some sanity checks to forum profile urls, it'll now only accept properly formatted ones
  • July 30: Fixed site search not selecting a default tab
  • July 30: Re-enabled debug info to display for page image uploads to help debug issues
  • July 30: Added nav bar icons to Mod Packs, Random Mod and Accepted Mods
  • July 30: Added new translation entry for Mod Packs, added pagination to the Mod Packs page, and cleaned up the URL structure
  • July 30: Split global site search item results into inventory item (Item) and placeable (Deco) tabs
  • July 31: Small flags are now displayed next to small user links
  • July 31: Country community flags and names are now displayed on user tooltips
  • July 31: You can now view mods by most downloaded and most viewed
  • July 31; Countries page is now paginated
  • July 31: Adjusted the filter urls of the mods page
  • July 31: Fixed the import process of the item db translation files not encoding special characters correctly

Please remember that all site development is done by one person (Etaew), several hours each day and we use a completely custom system not pre-made. So I can never get everything on my task list done, but I can work on things that enough people request. Also we have some great people who can tweak the database and help out :)


  • May:  70,809 users and 696,862 page views
  • June: 72,704 users and 784,797 page views
  • July: 122,027 users and 1,343,897 page views

For more history on the stats please view

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