Rendering from Qubicle to Blender Chapter 6: Finalizing the Image

February 13, 2017 by SkyTheVirus

You finally got your model to the position you want, so let’s do some finishing touches!

Shadows and Lighting

If you don’t like some of those REAL dark spots, be sure to go to the Rendering tab and uncheck the Shadows.

Shadow VS No shadows

You can add more lighting to fix some of those Real dark spots

You can duplicate the original light source and move it opposite to the position of the original or wherever there are more shadows.

You can position it far away or decrease the intensity of the light.

(When the light source is selected)

Now look at this color wheel:

Try to use colors that are a complement to each other or maybe colors close to each other (Blues and Greens).

Ex 1. For this knight, try to use Purples since Yellow and Purple are compliments. Don’t stick with grays… It’s plain…

Ex 2. If there is a glowing color present, maybe you could use that color for lighting. It's faint, but it makes it look nice!

Final Renders

Make sure that some of your materials have this option enabled. (In Materials Tab)

If you want a higher resolution, be sure to increase the render percentage to 100%

If you like your model to have a transparent background, be sure to go to Rendering Tab, open Shadings Tab, Click on Sky and set it to Transparent.

Now hit Render>Render Image and wait for the image to completely render!

Now hit F3 to save the image!

Finishing it in Photoshop

Now a few little things that I recommend:

Add a stroke and Shadow

Adding a stroke is a nice touch that Trove uses. You just have to add the Stroke Layer Style, no editing the setting, unless your image is smaller. The stroke doesn’t have to be really big and solid.

Now for adding the Shadows, I just use circles. Create a layer behind the model and select the ellipse selection tool. Make sure the shadow makes sense. Then fill it with Black and change the layer opacity to 50%. You can add more shadows if you want to give it more depth. It’s simple but it gets the job done!

Final Product!

Now I know there's VFX in Trove and you might want to add that to your render. That's the next tutorial.


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