Rendering from Qubicle to Blender Chapter 1a: Getting your model Constructed (using Pre-existing/Modded Model)

February 12, 2017 by SkyTheVirus

First things first, you need to make that model!

Construct your model in Qubicle

With Qubicle, you are able to add all the parts of the model in your workspace. You’ll have to have extracted your files into a folder so you can construct your model. If you don’t know how to get these files, go to Evilagician modding tutorial on extracting the files and converting the blueprint to QB. All you have to do in Evil's Chapter 3 is getting the QB files.

Now with your QB files start off with the main map of the body. For this tutorial, I’m going to be using the Elysian Knight costume. Now you’ll need to get the other parts to the model, so go to File>Import>All Supported Files and select the next part to the model.


*Note: If your model has a UI open that so you can have a reference to how your model can be constructed.

Continue to construct you model until you’ve used all the parts. Don’t worry if there’s a part that is massive, we’ll get to downsizing it later. (If you have the UI in your workspace, be sure to delete it when your done)

Remove all Attachment points!!

It drives me crazy to see rendered models that still have their attachment points. Take the time to use the dropper tool and the pencil tool to remove these points.


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