Ringcrafting guide

January 11, 2017 by YegorOG

Today I am going to tell you about the runecrafting. Making ring could not only be good just for powering up your char but also earning some mastery points(250).

To begin with, you will have to craft Ringcrafting Bench, this requires:

There will be 6 sections of things you can craft. You have to reach some skill level in order to move to the next one (you will be gain one skill point for every item you craft in your most recently unlocked tier). Here are the tiers:

  1. Newbie (Levels 1-50)
  2. Dabbler (Levels 51-100)
  3. Enthusiast (Levels 101-150)
  4. Jeweler (Levels 151-200)
  5. Master Ringcrafter (Levels 201-250)
  6. Lord of the Rings

First of all you will have to farm/buy some rosurces needed for crafting. For each next section you will only have to use more shapestone for crafting ring boxes.(3=>10=>15=>20).

The thing that never changes is a diamond use to craft boxes. Boxes can be opened by throwing them on the ground.

Leveling Ringcrafting stepsTop ^

  1. You will need some ore to craft 250x Diamond. You recieve 5 of them each time. That will be just enough to level you ringcrafting skill to the maximum.
  2. Use your diamonds to make 50 Shard boxes (from Dabbler section).
  3. Grind some more ore and craft Band boxes.
  4. You will have to make Ring boxes
  5. Now there are 2x Diamond required for 1 Loop box.

Total resources spent:

Congrats, you've reached the "Lord of the Rings" section!

Now you can craft Signet boxes 

From now on you will need for each 5 Diamonds you craft. 

You can recieve Resplendant and shadow rings of all levels(1-4). Here is the drop rate (made by butwhyy):

  • Resplendant: 73.29%
  • Shadow level 1: 20.43%
  • Shadow level 2: 5.20%
  • Shadow level 3: 0.87%
  • Shadow level 4: 0.22% (around 50-70k flux i believe)

Rings were an important part of trovian gear before Trion introduced the Mantle of Power without adding new rings. But now they say they are going to add Ringcraftong 2.0 with the full start of console version. Let's hope for the best!

Hope this guide helped somebody.

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