House Carys Sunfest Spirit PackTrove Pack

Added during Sunfest 2020.


Get them before they float away!

Furballous, Kitty Guardian of the Vale

Mount: | | 90 Movement Speed | | Wings: | | 95 Movement Speed | 100 Glide |

Sunfest Unity Pinata

Mount: | | 90 Movement Speed |

Golden Vale Dragon Pup

Ally | | 8% Health Regen | 5 Jump | Has a chance to recover one flask charge when a nearby enemy dies. | Damaging enemies has a chance to blast them with fire. |

Diminutive Donation Station

Ally: | | 5% Attack Speed | Gain 15% of health when a nearby enemy dies. |

Carysian Roly-Poly Pal

Ally: | | 4% Attack Speed | 2 Movement Speed |

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Possible amount of Mastery that may be gained with this pack.

Cost 2000 Credits

We have seen this pack sold for the below amount on the Trove Store. Not including offers or discounts.

Trovesaurus Rewards

This pack is not available on the Trovesaurus Rewards section.