Shadow Hydrakken

shadowtitan/hydra is a npc found in the following biomes: Shadow Titan , Shadow Pinnacle,

It uses the NPC Rig: mob_boss_hydra.

  • commondrop
  • elite
  • ignoreminions
  • nomagnetattract
  • norotate
  • nosnare
  • nostun
  • raredrop
  • shadowtitan
  • shadowtitan_hydra_rareloot
  • shadowtitan_hydra_trophy
  • smallcubits
  • stay in combat
Ability Count
Shadowtitan/hydra Acidspit CC (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_acidspit_CC) 5
Shadowtitan/hydra Acidspit CL (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_acidspit_CL) 2
Shadowtitan/hydra Acidspit CR (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_acidspit_CR) 3
Shadowtitan/hydra Acidspit LL (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_acidspit_LL) 4
Shadowtitan/hydra Acidspit Multi (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_acidspit_multi) 1
Shadowtitan/hydra Acidspit RR (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_acidspit_RR) 1
Shadowtitan/hydra Acidspit Spew CC (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_acidspit_spew_CC) 6
Shadowtitan/hydra Acidspit Spew CL (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_acidspit_spew_CL) 2
Shadowtitan/hydra Acidspit Spew CR (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_acidspit_spew_CR) 2
Shadowtitan/hydra Acidspit Spew LL (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_acidspit_spew_LL) 2
Shadowtitan/hydra Acidspit Spew RR (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_acidspit_spew_RR) 2
Shadowtitan/hydra Acid Immunity (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_acid_immunity) 1
Shadowtitan/hydra Bite CC (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_bite_CC) 5
Shadowtitan/hydra Bite CL (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_bite_CL) 2
Shadowtitan/hydra Bite CR (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_bite_CR) 3
Shadowtitan/hydra Bite LL (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_bite_LL) 4
Shadowtitan/hydra Bite RR (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_bite_RR) 1
Shadowtitan/hydra Magnet Splitter (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_magnet_splitter) 1
Shadowtitan/hydra Snake Anim (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_snake_anim) 3
Shadowtitan/hydra Snake Projectile Spawn (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_snake_projectile_spawn) 5
Shadowtitan/hydra Stomp Anim (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_stomp_anim) 2
Shadowtitan/hydra Stomp Left (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_stomp_left) 1
Shadowtitan/hydra Stomp Right (NPC/shadowtitan/hydra_stomp_right) 1

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