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Adds a trail at where you've been so that you don't go twice to the same room

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track's width is reduced by half, lasts for 16 minutes

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the track stays up to 7 minutes

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track starts dissapearing after 16 minutes (steam mod has this)

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"Originality: Original Work"

Player Finder/trail mod.

Oh, you!


"Ever get lost after you Neon Ninja friend leaves a dungeon with a speed build? Ever just get lost!? Well dont worry no more, with this mod, it creates trail following the character for 1 second."


"1 second"


Not for the same purposes, not even close to be identical (the only thing in common is being a static ribbon, which doesn't even behave the same way), and they actually showed me this on Discord after publishing this, before this I had no idea that mod existed, and we got into the conclusion that it was in fact two different things, that's why it is still here published, else I would have taken it down

It's not working for me.  I don't have any aura on my I need the Holy Halo (going by your comment to Mentalist4).  I've tried disabling my other mods to make sure there's no conflict, then restarting, but the mod still isn't working.

Edit: Nevermind.  I got it working after changing my hat aura to Holy Halo.  Thanks for the mod!


Yes. Holy Halo is needed since there is where the VFX of the trail is built into. The tracker is the aura basically

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liked this!


liked this!


It doesn't work for me, what could it be?


do you have the Holy Halo aura on your hat?

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Author: Cr0nicl3D3str0y3r

Notes: Adds a trail at where you've been so that you don't go twice to the same room

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    • character_aura_stellar_glow_01
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    • steptracker

Holy Halo

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Created: September 15, 2021

Updated: September 17, 2021

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

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