[Costume] Aquamarine Avenger

Author: The_Clown_Prince

Mod Description

From the crystalline depths of planets still unknown, a hero calls amongst the gemstones.

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Yes. I'm uploading these mods on Trovesaurus now. My protest proved ineffective, and the Trove Developers want them here as of now.


This is one of my favorite works.

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Author: The_Clown_Prince

Tags: Costume

Notes: Replaces the Gloaming Guardian costume set to the Aquamarine Avenger. Does not change VFX or UI.

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  • blueprint 26+
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_abdomen
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_arm_l
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_arm_r
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_cape_c_01
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_cape_c_02
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_cape_l_01
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_cape_l_02
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_cape_r_01
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_cape_r_02
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_chest
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_foot_l
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_foot_r
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_hand_l
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_hand_r
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_hips
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_knee_l
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_knee_r
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_shin_l
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_shin_r
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_shoulder_l
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_shoulder_r
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_thigh_l
    • c_p_crimefighter_moonsilver_thigh_r
    • equipment_helm_adventurer_lvl3[evilagician]
    • equipment_helm_crimefighter_moonsilver
    • equipment_weapon_fist_crimefighter_moonsilver
  • png 1+
    • aquamarine avenger

Gloaming Guardian

(Does not change VFX or UI, as the colors were designed to fit.)

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Created: May 9, 2019

Submitted: May 9, 2019

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 915

Downloads: 53