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Mod Description

You MUST manually download and Install this mod. download .zip file and extract, Then read the Instructions .txt file inside.

Replace "archive0.tfa" with the file in this folder. Place the file at

For steam players.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Trove\Games\Trove\Live\shadersunified\programs\fragment


If not using steam.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Glyph\Games\Trove\Live\shadersunified\programs\fragment

Not sure? you can try both locations!



Removed mods cannot be downloaded.

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Does this work still? i keep getting fx error


Does it works with you now?
Really nice mod!

doesn't work in supersample 0.25 


doesn't work anymore, I followed all the instructions correctly and it wasn't

If you would like to disable the outline effect for yourself, first make a copy of the file the game provides* then open the file [Mod Description tells you which one with Microsofts Wordpad, or Notepad++] and search for "> low" without quotations, it should be the first of two results, change ">" to "<", then save.

*The copy is for backup purposes, using something like Microsofts Notepad doesn't treat the file correctly when saving. If they change how shader stuff works again, the other parts of the file will be incompatible so we're only making a precise adjustment to a specific portion. The outline mod also had muted or entirely disabled the light players gave off... Here are the 5 lines that were changed outside of the outline fix (imgur.com).  Big Thanks to abbie for sharing their own fixed version so I could understand what effected what.


when i did this my archive still messes up with the adjustments


can you send yours'/your friend's file


Video of the edit following directions



todays update replaced all the files, so I've edited once again and confirmed it still works, replacing the first '> low' with '< low' removed the outlines.

Doesn't work for me the fx file cannot be complied

update ??

Doesn't work for me. 

I install the mod, and after opening the launcher it auto update the game and replace the file to the original.


Edit: Looks like v3 doesn't work, but v2 works.

It does not work and gives an error with FX, I play on the Glyph launcher, can someone tell me how to solve the problem?

Doesnt work, says something about FX

Still doesnt work, can somehow someone send me the V2 version, that one worked



Tested now, and it's still working.

On top of that, it even works when paired with a lot (40+) of mods.


is not working


Still working (using it right now).
It's not a .tmod, so follow the installation steps carefully, as it's a .zip which is meant to be installed manually.


It returns the FX error and I have to use task manager to close trove ;-;


Maybe you installed it wrong? Or replaced/edited wrong files? Reinstall Trove (don't forget to save your mods), and install the mod again, carefully following the steps (if you're not familiar with the custom mods in .zip format, instead of .tmod's).

As it's still working (to this day) for me. No errors, even when paired with all the mods I use daily (all the mods from my modpack, and couple extra mods on top of that).


I love this mod so much :D Thanks exodave and thanks for keeping it updated!

Is there any way to reverse this effect? I really like it but my laptop can't handle it XD.


Uninstall the mod

Edit: forgot that it replaces the old file so I'm useless

liked this!

@LoganGamerGlyph @LinkMyBoi

You can always delete the replaced Archieve0 file that was replaced if you did not back up the original lighting and Verify Files to re-download the original.

Renewal !!!

You're an absolute legend.. thanks for updating the instalation process and the file, much love, brother black_heart*..

This and your "disable excessive player lighting" modification were my go-tos before the eclipse update, then they did not work, for me atleast.

It seems that you have added the improve overlighting feature into this modification by looking at the download notes, which is great..

Once again, much love, brother, keep it up :)) black_heart*..

Hey, :D so now that the zip-tmod problem is fixed how do you install it? because i tried 4 different ways and it didn't work ... :(

so, Are we supposed to wait till trove do hot fix?

and why is not this mod on steam? i cant find it :(((((

i really love this mod and cant w8 anymore !!!

it doesn't work for me ... what am I doing wrong ?

I believe that after the eclipse update, mods that are not a TMOD File will no longer work. I could be mistaken but from my experience thus far, I think that is the case.

[Deleted User]

This comment has been removed

Override folders no longer work after the Eclipse Update. (probably a bug.)

Whats worse is that any Override folders that uses mods will break all TMOD's.

It's so saaaaad... I didn't even get to try it out :(

god this is awesome for taking an SS or others

i love this mod :o it doesnt make my computer lag and it looks SO GOOD (i hate the stupid black lines XD and... well done on 13 likes in like 2 days :P

The mod really starts to shine as the screen resolution grows.

cannot stress how much more aesthetically pleasing my game looks!
Thank you so much!

As a person who values aesthetics a helluvalot, I can't thank you enough!



I agree. Give the mod a Like whenever you can.

OMG ... YESS!!! This is a THING!!!

Yes it is. Go Shoot this mod a Like, It helps out.

My only dislike so far, is that build-mode makes character completely invisible, and that all glass structures, without shader setting to max, are really hard to navigate through since border is disabled but overall, I LOVE THIS ... also gave a like :D
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Follow instructions to install this patch. Greatly increase Trove details, Disables outline effects, Improve overlighting.

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Created: June 1, 2017

Updated: June 26, 2018

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Originality: Inspired Work

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Turn off Trove Outline effect on everything. Give Trove a fresh, Sharp, Rendered look.

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