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Jungle Sage Accepted

Created by Evilagician (58), uploaded by Evilagician (PC)

Mod (COSTUME - Ice Sage)


  • Ice Sage Molten Costume
  • Molten Headpiece by lippylapras
  • Molten staff by lippylapras
  • Default gemmed ice crash vfx
  • almost all molten vfx

As of version 1.0 (10) all vfx has been replaced on the molten ice sage costume. I will probably redo some of them, but for now, all molten stuff is gone/recolored.


Created: September 15, 2016 (10 months ago)

Updated: October 11, 2016 (9 months ago)

Accepted: July 9, 2017 (2 weeks ago)


Trovesaurus Views: 1370

Workshop Views: 1118



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jungle-sage-by-evilagician-v14 TMOD

- New .tmod format

- Removed the staff, it has been accepted on TroveCreations!

Download Version

Downloads: 237

Created: October 11, 2016
(9 months ago)

jungle-sage-by-evilagician-v13 ZIP

one of the back poles got converted wrong. this has the corrected version

Download Version

Downloads: 51

Created: October 8, 2016
(10 months ago)

jungle-sage-by-evilagician-v12 ZIP

- Added a gradient to the bone.

Download Version

Downloads: 30

Created: October 8, 2016
(10 months ago)

jungle-sage-by-evilagician-v11 ZIP

-Changed Ice drop to the meteorite found in the biome
-tweaked a lot of vfx, to be less there.

Download Version

Downloads: 79

Created: September 19, 2016
(10 months ago)

jungle-sage-by-evilagician-v10 ZIP

added final vfx for aiming the ungemmed ice crush, all vfx is changed for the jungle sage now.

Will probably redo all vfx I did friday :D

Download Version

Downloads: 56

Created: September 18, 2016
(10 months ago)

jungle-sage-by-evilagician-v07 ZIP

- Shield has a spinning dino bone now.

Download Version

Downloads: 32

Created: September 18, 2016
(10 months ago)

jungle-sage-by-evilagician-v06 ZIP

- More Vfx Added, changed shield vfx, changed regular attack impact.

Download Version

Downloads: 26

Created: September 18, 2016
(10 months ago)

jungle-sage-by-evilagician-v05 ZIP

More Vfx and i've added a fitting replacement for the fire rod

Download Version

Downloads: 77

Created: September 16, 2016
(10 months ago)

jungle-sage-by-evilagician-v04 ZIP

Added additional vfx:

- Base attack (not finished yet)
- Gemmed Ice Crash
- Ice Crash (not finished yet)
- Shield
- the big chill

Download Version

Downloads: 35

Created: September 16, 2016
(10 months ago)

jungle-sage-by-evilagician-v03 ZIP

-Previous zip file was not saved.

Download Version

Downloads: 37

Created: September 15, 2016
(10 months ago)

jungle-sage-by-evilagician-v01 ZIP

First Version, in need of feedback :D

Download Version

Downloads: 31

Created: September 15, 2016
(10 months ago)

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