Mag Riders


Rock Riot Dock

Crafted through the [item=Chaos Core Crafter], or alternatively a Rare drop from a [item=Chaos Chest].


Mag Racer

Can be crafted at an [item=adventurer's crafting bench] for the following:

  • [item=infinium ore;80]
  • [item=wild cupcake;25]
  • [item=faerie dust;15]
  • [item=enchanted wood;10]
  • [item=glim;10]




Was previously obtainable via the store during the Shadow's eve event and has also been on Luxion's loot table.

Laden Sleigh

This mag rider can be obtained from a [item=snowfest mystery box]

Mustache Mag

This mag rider can be bought from the store during the Movember event.

Turbo Turkey

This mag rider can be obtained as a drop from Dream Gobbler during the Turkeytopia event.

Extra Life

Haunted House Dancefloor

  • Obtained by purchasing the Hearty Party Pack 1 for 14,99USD


Neon Ray

This cannot currently be obtained in game.



Infinium Mega-Skater

This mag rider can be obtained by reaching Trove mastery rank 50


Previously obtainable via Trove mastery rank 30.

It was recently sold via Luxion and no longer available in-game.


Carnaval Coaster

A reward for community help while translating Trove in Brasil. Later added as an extra life fundraising reward.

Chromatic Key Pad

This promo mag rider was available to Pax 2017 attendees, and are sometimes given away during livestreams.

Dome Dancer

Community reward for helping in the Russian translation

Feathered Float

Community reward for helping to translate Trove into Hungarian

Sanctuary Shuttle

  • Obtained only by using a code

Shadow Tower

Bull Shadozer

Cab be crafted at the [item=Shadow Market] for:

  • [item=heart of darkness;10]



Rickety Minecart

Unlocked by default.


Dance Pad

Currently obtainable via the store for credits.

Fun Police

Previously purchased in the Trove Store, it is not currently obtainable.


Jet Jammer
Ends 7 hours from now

Batty Batoid
Ends 1 day from now

Land Scaper 8000-T
Ends 2 days from now

Macedoine Master
Ends 3 days from now

Art Contest

Ends 1 week from now

Ends 2 weeks from now


Trovesaurus 4th Anniversary
Starts 2 days from now

Snowfest 2018
Starts 4 days from now

Modish Marksman
Ended 17 hours ago

Guardian Golem
Ended 2 days ago

Ended 3 days ago

Rampage Datastreamer
Ended 6 days ago

Borkshire Pudding
Ended 7 days ago