Friday End of Year Livestream 2018

Hey all!

This week is our final livestream of 2018! Catch the show at Be sure to follow the channel for our regular livestreams going forward. Hang out with us as we broadcast straight to the Internet from our Austin office and get a chance to take part in our epic giveaways!

In case you missed our previous Twich Drop celebrations, we’re giving you a chance to win a Feathered Float Magrider! On December 21, 2018, join us live on Twitch from 12:30 PST – 1:15 PM PST and participate in the chat for a chance to win in-game prizes. Plus, if you link your Twitch and Trove accounts and watch the livestream for at least fifteen minutes, you’ll earn the Feathered Float Magrider!

How to Get Your Trove Twitch Drop Gift!

1. Create a Twitch Account
Sign up for a Twitch account or login to your existing Twitch account.

2. Link Your Trove and Twitch Accounts
Link your accounts here. If you play Trove on PlayStation® 4 or Xbox One, you will need to first link your console and Trove accounts by following these steps. If you do not link your account before watching the stream, you cannot get the Twitch Drops.

3. Watch Our Livestream for 15+ Minutes
Watch our Trove – Crystal Combat livestream on Twitch ( on Friday, December 21, 2018 from 12:30 PM PST – 1:15 PM PST for at least 15 minutes. You must have previously linked your Trove and Twitch accounts and be logged-in while watching. Note that watching from the Twitch mobile app will not count for the Twitch Drop. You must be watching from the Desktop client or the website.

4. Enjoy Your New Magrider!
After the stream, Twitch will notify you that you’ve won. Your free Feathered Float Magrider will be available on your account within 24 hours. Note that if you were watching the stream from the Twitch Desktop client, you will not get notified that you won, but the item will still be unlocked on your Trove account the next time that you log in.

This is a one time event so get a head-start by linking your Trove and Twitch accounts now!

Trove Livestream
Start Time: Friday, December 21 at 12:30 PM PST / 20:30 UTC
Duration: 45 minutes

Twitch Channel (to take part in giveaways):

If you play Trove on a console, and want to be able to unlock giveaway prizes in game, be sure to link your console to a Trion Worlds account. Linking your account will also unlock the adorable Cotton Candy ally for either Xbox One or PS4!

Cotton Candy

Winners of giveaways will be notified via Twitch whisper at the end of the livestream day, or on Monday at the latest.

We’ll see you there!


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