Luminous Reliquary

Gives a Tier 4-5 shared resource with an uncommon chance of multiple Metamatter. With Lodestar: 100% chance for multiple Metamatter.

Designed by: Trove Team

Cannot be traded

Lootbox Contents

May contain one the following items each attempt.


Rare (Lodestar)


Sold by the following merchants:

Place in a Reliquary Revealer to give Tier-4-5 Geode Cave Resources with an Uncommon chance of  Metamatter.
Use a Lodestar for 100% chance for Metamatter output, or use an  Accelerite to speed up the revealing process.


Last updated 4 years ago


Imported in Patch: Geode



To Create Link: Luminous Reliquary

Use A Tag

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How many meta matter do you get with and with out lodestar?