Sundercharge Crystal

Crafting Material. Usually Claimed weekly after finishing BOSS waves in 5-star Dungeons in the Sundered Uplands, can also be found within Unstable Sunder-Ark Caches and Sundered Uplands Caches.

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Cannot be traded

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Found in the following Trove Store Packs:

Jun 2022

Low mastery for price.

Has items to inflate "value".

Jun 2022

Low mastery for price.

Has items to inflate "value".

Other methods to obtain:

Fungi Recipetakers spawn in the heights of the Uplands outposts, trading in either Ashen Recipes or Irradiant Recipes (9) for limited amount (1) of Sundercharge Crystals (5) each.

Weekly by completing boss waves of 5-Star dungeons in Sundered Uplands biome. For Uber-10 difficulty: first 10 boss waves (2-29) will give 3 Sundercharge Crystals each, next 10 (31-72) 2 each. And final weekly Sundercharge Crystals can be obtained by clearing next 10 boss waves (73-113) in Uber-11 for 1 Sundercharge Crystal each.

Greater Sundered Uplands Cache as rare
Golden Sundered Uplands Cache as common

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