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Generate ideas for Art or Mods with a random selection of Biome, Class, Costume, Ally, Mount, Wings, Weapon, Face and Helm.

Generated Results
Neon Ninja +
Elusive and deadly, the Neon Ninja slices and dices enemies when they least expect it. Backflip into stealth and surprise your enemies with thrown shuriken, and then obliterate them with the forbidden Final Technique.
Digital Daemon Warhelm +
Prowling the Neon City nights, the Digital Daemon picks off the Amperium's enemies, one by one.
Crystalline Visor +
Protects your face against shadow attacks.
Brimstone Bulleteer +
A Shadow's Eve themed costume for the Gunslinger. Originally obtainable during Shadow's Eve 2020.
Mobile Melon +
Runs on water!
Panatea, the Partifier +
She always sees the party through to the end. \n\nHaving this Dragon unlocked grants a permanent +7% Attack Speed, +250 Magic Damage and +50 Magic Find.
Calzone Courier +
We guarantee your delivery in 30 meownites or less or your flux back!
Flying Frigate Sail +
Brilliantly blue like the briny deep.
Mag Rider
Master Musicart +
Only true masters get to strut their stuff on this stage.
Master's Wings +
Fly far away.
Fat Catfish +
Uncommon Fish. Deconstruct it to gain resources and add it to your collection.