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If your parents are celebrating their centennial wedding anniversary, make sure you throw them a really big party. Centennial is a word to describe something that has lasted for 100 years — so your parents have been married an unusually long time!

When you notice the cent- bit in the word centennial you probably think of words like century (100 years) and cent (100 pennies that make up a dollar), and that tips you off that centennial has something to do with the number 100. What these words all share in common is an origin in the Latin word centum, meaning 100. In the case of the adjective centennial, the addition of -ennial gives the word its sense of describing a one hundred year anniversary.

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Pirate Captain +
A salty sea dog with a love for explosions and the high seas. Blast your foes with Plunderbuss for doubloons to upgrade your First Mate's cannon, bait foes with Pretend Pirate, and unleash Man o' War for a fiery finish!
Shadow Horse Hood +
In the dead of night it rides, and who can know what the hood hides?
Fiery Fugu +
Not the chillest of dispositions.
Gilded Gouger +
It is suprising how such a beautiful weapon can leave such hideous wounds.
Chaotic Construct +
A costume for the Revenant.\n\nRebel against any defensive expectations.
Aurattus, the Magnanimouse +
His greatness lies not in vanquishing evil, but rather in redeeming it and turning it into a greater good.
Sarsaponia, The Pristine +
She's the dragon you want on your side when its time for a clean sweep\n\nHaving this Dragon unlocked grants a permanent +1000 Max Health, +10% Critical Damage and +50 Magic Find.
Squishy Beaniefish +
It goes all googly-eyed when it thinks about you, which is all the time.
Chaotic Clipper +
Clipper class ship.
Mag Rider
Metalhead +
So metal.
Wings of Love +
Love is in the air.
Soaring Flamefish +
Rare Fish. Deconstruct it to gain resources and add it to your collection.