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A route is a way for travel or movement, the path from point A to point B. A route can also be the method used for achieving a particular result, like going to school and working hard is your route to success.

Route comes from an Old French word, rute, “road,” “way,” or “path” and the Latin rupta, “broken way” or “beaten way.” A route can be a highway, like Route 66, or all the places you pass through on the way somewhere, like using a map to find the shortest route. As a verb, route means "to send people or things on a particular course," like detour signs that route you through unfamiliar streets or a package that is routed through Cleveland on its way to you.

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Neon Ninja +
Elusive and deadly, the Neon Ninja slices and dices enemies when they least expect it. Backflip into stealth and surprise your enemies with thrown shuriken, and then obliterate them with the forbidden Final Technique.
Suntear Tiara +
Said to have been shed by the Sun Goddess herself.
Handheld Industrializer +
Reverse-engineered into a permanent "Deconstruct" mode.
Gumball Gunner +
A costume for the Gunslinger.\n\n"Chew on this!"
Green Manta Ray +
Negative carbon footprint.
Wyntegra, Galenor's Pride +
Daughter of Permafrost's Primarch, she has become adept at both stewarding the domain and serving abroad as its most trusted ambassador\n\nHaving this Dragon unlocked grants a permanent +1000 Max Health, +3% Critical Damage, +500 Physical Damage and +50 Magic Find.
Shadow Shrike +
This avian shadow fights fearlessly, no matter what size the foe.
Boat +
It's a big boat
Mag Rider
Mega-Skater +
Don't wipe-out.
Aquabatic Ailerons +
Feel the flow and let the currents carry you.
Dry Bones +
Rare Fish. Deconstruct it to gain resources and add it to your collection.