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A huckster is someone who tries to sell you something that's not very well made, or isn't worth the price. If someone tries to sell you a bottle of Love Potion #9, call him a huckster.

While a huckster is primarily a seller of cheap goods, like the people who sell imitation luxury handbags and watches on city sidewalks, you can also use the word to talk about extremely pushy salespeople. If you feel so pressured to make an offer on a new car that you leave the dealership feeling frustrated and daunted, you might say, "There's no way I'm buying a car from that huckster."

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Chloromancer +
Mysterious casters from beyond the Planes, Chloromancer's basic attacks heal allies, damage enemies, and grow their plants faster. Leafy Lashers snare foes and deals damage, Blooming Pollinators deals damage and heal allies, and Sow Chaos grows many plants quickly to turn the tide of battle.
Blue Sportsball Cap +
Blue will always be the best! Drop dead, red!
Mistreated Minion +
The most loyal servant is the longest-suffering.
Hurricane Hammer +
Barrages enemies with a veritable blizzard of blows.
Trovian Guard +
A costume for the Knight.\n\nWell-maintained armor, worn by a just and righteous Trovian in the protection of his traveling companions.
Frolicksome Fox Spirit +
Once bound by an eternal curse, it now accompanies you with gratitude and unending playfulness.
Phyconidia, Sower of the Sandsea +
She cultivates and conserves the strange fungal ecosystems of the Geode Topside. \n\nHaving this Dragon unlocked grants a permanent +1000 Max Health, +3% Attack Speed, +0.2% Critical Hit, +250 Physical Damage and +50 Magic Find.
Memory Minder +
Holds a single recipe, unfortunately written in an illegible script.
Saurian Terror Sail +
Shortly after The Stars Fell the forests were filled with lizards whose steps echoed like thunder throughout the forests.
Mag Rider
Bull Shadozer +
Mows down anything in its path.
Wings of the Dark Pegasus +
Majestic wings of a majestic beast. Will they ever be reunited?
Fiery Finflapper +
Common Fish. Deconstruct it to gain resources and add it to your collection.