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Generated Results
Knight +
The Knight is a durable, armored fighter who wades fearlessly into melee combat. Charge your enemies to close distance, but if things get messy, your ultimate will restore your health and let you shrug off blows with ease.
Revenant Retriever +
Matches a mount loyal even beyond death.
Shadow Mite +
Creatures of shadow have no heart nor soul, only cold, cruel intent.
Frozen Envy +
Whatever the frozen ichor on the tip is, it radiates palpable malevolence.
Shamrockin' Slinger +
A St. Qubeslick themed costume for the Gunslinger. Ready to Sham-Rock your world.
Baleful Bulltergeist +
Filled with resentment over the slaughter of its kin.
Moonwing Fledgling +
Unlocked through consumption of 10 Moonwing Dragon Souls, earned by opening Moonwing Dragon Caches.
Golden Heckling +
Go for the gold with this gorgeous heckbug. Can be purchased on occasion via the store.
Dark Phoenix Sail +
This ominous sail inspires dread in any wise captain.
Mag Rider
Siren Song +
Come where it's bettah, down where it's wettah.
Neophyte's Wings +
Hold your jump key while in the air to unfurl your wings!
Jumping Jadefin +
Common Fish. Deconstruct it to gain resources and add it to your collection.