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An interlocutor is someone who participates in a discussion or conversation, sometimes as a go-between. If you and your friend are in an argument and aren't speaking, a third friend could act as an interlocutor, delivering messages back and forth.

Interlocutor traces back to the Latin word interloqui, meaning “to speak between.” We use interlocutor either for "a conversation partner," or for "a third party in a conversation," like a middleman who speaks on behalf of an organization. It's also an old term for the guy in a minstrel show who questions all the other performers as a way of moving the act forward. "What's that you say? A funky dance? Go on and show us then."

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Gunslinger +
The Gunslinger is an eagle-eyed ranged fighter who blasts enemies with dual pistols. Light up your foes with a well-aimed charged shot, then use your ultimate to gun them down in a hail of energy bullets.
Creeping Shadow +
Who can tell what is lost, to those who still fight as the light fades?
Impassive Sentry +
Not one to idly stand guard.
Spires Dragoon +
A costume for the Lunar Lancer.\n\nSpires Dragoons are charged with guarding the highest peaks.
Takeout Takoyaki +
For the adventurer with places to go and monsters to kill.
Aurym, Keeper of Histories +
Tales great and small - of love, of loss, of glory, friendship, and betrayal - all are known to Aurym. \n\nHaving this Dragon unlocked grants a permanent +7% Attack Speed, +1000 Max Health and +50 Magic Find.
Purple Glowfly +
Purple Glowflies only come out during the cover of darkness when their bright lights can disguise them as stars. Purple Glowflies can be adopted from Purple Glowfly Habitats, which can be crafted at the Harvesting Station.
Dragon Dinghy +
Raft class ship. Can safely navigate lava.
Mag Rider
Bunfeed Flare +
The ride for people who truly do not carrot all. Found rarely when harvesting Bunfeed.
Soulfire Wings +
Be borne aloft by the spirits of the dead.
Wide-eyed Noobfish +
Rare Fish. Deconstruct it to gain resources and add it to your collection.