Dragon Giveaway

This week we are giving away 10 full dragons, with some additional ones if we reach certain milestones. If we get a positive reaction we may do them more regularly.


August 1, 2016, 3:00 pm UTC
4 years ago


August 8, 2016, 3:00 pm UTC
4 years ago

Giveaway Finished

The giveaway has finished, rewards distributed = 13


13x Dragon

13 people will be selected at random to receive 1 reward


1,100 Signups

1.18% chance to receive 1 reward

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Thanku, ill message you Etaew if what dragon ill pick after patch. Ill check what i still not get. <3

türkçe bilen var mı ?


Shouldn't there be 13 winners now instead of 10?

You are right, drew the remaining winners thanks.

ye i won but u not hahahah

there's no need to be a braggart mikas

Gratz winners

I think the Hidden is Primordial Dragon :)

About 30 min... GL ppl. 

Hope I get and hope you get it too!

i hope i get a dragon that can  glide so i can start play... the first mount you get is usless  

if i win this i will be so happy 

I just realise that the Boomeranger is good

and i hope i get a dragon :P

Good luck everyone ! and have fun playing trove 

the hidden dragon is the rarest.... hmm i guess its Fortras or Albairn O_O


Hmm.. maybe hidden is a Fortras


GL to all, and SIGN UP! 500 more until the Hidden Dragon!

500 to go for the "hidden" dragon :o 


GL all! :D

GL everyone!!!

GL on the giveaway everyone! :)

Alright! I hope I win the drawing, but it would be awesome if this contest makes it to 1500 signups!

We all got gold!

good look for everyone

Come on guys we need 600 more signups

GL guys just dont be sad if you dont win i didont won to so!!!




<(8.0<) <(8.0)> (>8.0)>

pirate kirby dance for good luck

Good lucky everyone

Good luck!!

Good luck every1

Good luck every1


Good luck everybody!

Good luck to all! Boy this would be super helpful!

oh lordy; I'll be on holiday by the time this draw finishes. Oh well; good luck everyone, I hope whoever wins takes good care of their new friend! :)


I don't really know how this works :/

Goodluck everyone

good luck, even if i hope i'll get more than you :p

 Gl hf

gl hf

Good luck guys love u all

[Deleted User]

GL guys :3


Trovesaurus please do more giveaways of full dragons! I love Trove dragons! Please do more!

We'd love to, send some love to Trion and see if they'll release some to us :)

I will very mutch win this giveaway i have ben trying to get a dragon but i can't

Wow i like this ! 

good luck to all of you :)

God Luck everyone. i have never won a give away and most likely neithaer have you. XD but seriosly good luck guys

[Deleted User]

gl to u all


I really want a dragon :P

May the odds be ever in your favor.

really? a "Hunger Games" reference? really?

Woooo! A free dragon is a good dragon, as they say.

Good Luck All wish i can Get something good =8



I love this game away

GL everybody and count me in. Just one thing @Etaew why do i have gold, i dind't pay for it. If this is a bug just remove it from my account, i don't wanna scam this website that i love so much. <3 (JK ur site sux, im just here for the free stuff) (Double JK, i like your website keep up the good work)

Im dumb. 7 days free trial. Ty.

i still vote 

GL !!


Are the unlockables will be in the same giveaway or individual giveaways for each of the unlockables? 

i would imagine that they would all be in the same giveaway

GL all

Dang, I hope I win something, GL to all!

It is really cool you guys are doing this! Thanks so much!



GL&HF add me in game :P



[Deleted User]

Good luck everyone! :D


A positive reaction? That's guaranteed when you offer free dragons. ;) Who doesn't like dragons?

[Deleted User]

GL all

Lunar dragon is pretty.

OMG yes please!!

I want to join, but I already have all challenge-based dragons. 

GL All


good luck everyone :)

Better than Dragon Force.

With my luck I'll win a dragon.... The neon dragon.... My favorite dragon.... The only dragon I currently have....

Thank you for this awesome give away.

Good luck to everyone i hope i can alest just get the Azulian dragon, i really need this dragon, but good luck to everyone and if you win you must be grateful :D


Im mostly here for the Lunar New Year dragon and Falminar (i love that mount) since i already unlocked all the others. But even if i win (highly doubt coz my luck is.... uuh... lets say bad) someone else will get it and enjoy it. (well.. unless it's not tradable, then reroll my place since it will be an "unused" prize). Anyway good luck everyone and lets smash that 1500 signups to see what the "hidden" dragon is.

man i want the lunar new year dragopn so MUCH

Oh, a mystery Dragon. How interesting.



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