Wyntegra Giveaway

Thanks to Ainogommon we are giving away 1x  Wyntegra, Galenor's Pride this week.


December 18, 2017, 3:00 pm UTC
2 years ago


December 25, 2017, 3:00 pm UTC
2 years ago

Giveaway Finished

The giveaway has finished, rewards distributed = 1


1x Wyntegra

1 people will be selected at random to receive 1 reward


2,033 Signups

0.05% chance to receive 1 reward

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FR everyone 

GoodLuck and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

GoodLuck and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


merry xmas

Gl everyone ^^

hopefully I win but good luck to all of you




GG Guys and girls


good lunch, guys

Good Luck

Boa sorte


1,866 people have signed up to receive 1 of 1 rewards.

0.05% chance of a reward


 Good Luck to all ^^


Good luck!

0.06% chance of winning. Let's do this


May the odds ever be in your favour. :)

GL everyone!



IGN : Steliar

[Deleted User]

This comment has been removed by Etaew (PC)

Good luck ! :D

Good luck!


GL to all

Even though im a new player of this game "trove" , I hope that i will win in this giveaway -GameChanger23


Sweet jesus I hope I win, it's been so long since I won and after hours upon hours of grinding I got only 1 egg frag for this one. 

Gg if you win

Good luck to all ! 0.08% chance ! :DDDDClover

Anyone else cringe when they see "I never win" or "select me pleeeaaase"? I know I do! Anyway, GL to all of you! and may the 0.08% be in your favor!

good luck i tink i dont gonna win this mount i dont win giweays D:

please!!! select meeeeeeee!!!!!!!! im black selectmeeeeee

What does being black have to do with this giveaway?

Good Luck!!! LOL

|Good Luck Everyone|

Good luck !

good luck all

good luck

i hope

I don’t win anything


I have yet to win anything can this be the one c:

Hehe. Still GL everyone! C: <3 happy snowfest and merry Christmas or happy Hanukkah!

GL maybe i win something . didnt win anything in 5 months

Good Luck :D


Good Luck

Pls I want this awesome dragon

Dont get you'r hopes up

I'd rather have a slim chance at something than no chance at nothing. :)

Nothing... You'll never get anything off this site except the already abundant promo codes provided... Have fun with your 0.00001% giveaways

 2 fragments sense the eclipse update :D

Can I get it on Xbox one????

If you're that 0.00001% that's chosen


GL everyone!


i really wanna win badly :C

Don't be upset if you lose. There's a very small chance of winning.

Very small...



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