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Shadow's Eve - Art Challenge

Etaew October 23, 2019 1 13

Join us in our Shadow's Eve art challenge and explore your spooky side.

Shadow's Eve - Art Challenge Highlights

Etaew November 10, 2019 0 0

Thanks for taking part in our Shadow's Eve Art Challenge, we have highlights in from our guest judges [Ylva] and [DC013].

Underwater Pal


Featured Art Comments:

Ylva says: At first glance i couldnt tell that this one belongs to Shadow's Eve, but it very much does! With those soft and light colors you ve created a unique approach to the most scary event of the year, i love it!

DC013 says: Nice match! Mermaid and Phantolphin! I can't think about this cubble before. I really feel soft when I see this art ! lovely <3!

Shadow's Eve


Featured Art Comments:

DC013 says: Nice spooky pic and also Video :) Long time no see to you. but still have a warm pastel color style! with clean line art. And everyone looks happy about spooky festival. mau5head always surprise me about your style. keep going it!

Spooky festival

#Trove Loading Screen Fan Art Contest

Featured Art Comments:

Ylva says: This art gives me a very warm festive feeling of celebrating with friends. Everyone so full of joy! And all the hidden details, wow, most certainly the case of the more you look the more you see!

Trick or Treat


Featured Art Comments:

DC013 says: Nice Trick or Treat costume. lovely style! Also love the face part of Kentuky.

Spooky fish


Featured Art Comments:

DC013 says: I love this art , It's feel lonely but full with her happyness and little Samantha. And I also love color style with sky and star in Spooky Night. Nice Storytelling! Great Job!

Moonlit Castle


Featured Art Comments:

DC013 says: This entire, full with a detail and clean in pencil style :) I can see attention from artist with the clear line and detail about this artwork and I also love the castle part. keep going!



Featured Art Comments:

Ylva says: So scary! It amazed me how well this one elaborates the idea of styles, i would ve never interpreted them this way. Very impressive art from glowy highlights to spooky background :)