Pinzo's Pinsly!
Pinzo's latest scheme is on the fritz in the Sundered Uplands.
APR 1 - APR 3

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Foolsday 2024

Fool's Goldfish ally

At the bottom of the fishing building in the hub, on the boat interact with the rainbow fish trophy next to the door to get a crafting window.

To craft Ally: Fool's Goldfish you will need:

Fool's Gold

  • Found as "grass" in the Hub and Peaceful Hills
  • Provides 1/3/5/25 Fool's Gold
  • 100 used as an ingredient at the Radiant Dayspring to craft a tradable Fool's Chest ally


In the claims window you will receive some Lures encouraging you to fish.

Tradable Allies

Make sure you equip the appropriate fishing rod

Slow Sebastian

Will now leave a gold trail like Ganda.


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