Turkeytopia: Friendsgiving
Chefsly's back to cook a Friendsgiving feast for frie-nemies!
NOV 14 - NOV 28

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Turkeytopia: Friendsgiving 2023 Overview

Friendsgiving 2023 is a celebration of what the event has become. The players no longer need to cook for their guests as there are enough recipes available. This year it’s all about celebrating. Players will again make Trovian Bouillon, kill shadow gobblers, and grab bites of tasty meals each day.


Collections can be obtained by crafting or opening Plumed Chest:

The Plumed chest, which allows players to collect the new collections and trade them with others.

  • Plumed Chests drop from gobblers on Trove and can be traded for at Chefsly in the events area of the hub.


  • The Qubeslys return and offer daily quests for Friendsgiving Coins
  • All of the previous years dishes appear on the main table for players to grab a bite.
    • All of the previous years foods can be cooked at the Friendsgiving Oven.
  • Many of last years collections are available at the Turkeytopia Table.
    •The Turkeytopia delve gateways and biome.
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