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JAN 3 - JAN 17

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Renewus 2023 - Overview

New Collectables

Neon Pearl - 50 Mastery

Neon Pearl - 10 Mastery, unlocked together with the ship

The recipe becomes available on the Radiant Dayspring after completing step 4 of the event.

A tradable version of a Boat can rarely drop from dungeons with Pirrot objectives in Neon City and Luminopolis.

Returning Collectables

Renewus New Year - 10 Mastery

Personal Renewus Orb - 50 Mastery

Neon Rally Standard - 1 Mastery

All craftable on the Radiant Dayspring, require Pirrot Doubloon event currency to be crafted.

Items that should Decay at the end of the event

NPCs unique to the event

These NPCs are found in Neon City and Luminopolis, they are the only NPCs that can drop [Pirate Doubloon]s.

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