Jun 14 - Jun 28 -3mo
Splendid Summer 2022
A time of the year when Pride beckons love for everyone.

Splendid Summer 2022
14 Jun - 28 Jun

A time of the year when Pride beckons love for everyone.

Quest Steps

#1/7: Visit GMQubesly in the Hub.

Splendid Summer 1/7: Hello Trovian! Come check out my colorful wares! A celebration of being a prideful Trovian!

Rewards: Valor Coin 2

#2/7: Spend some Valor Coins

Splendid Summer 2/7: Collect your Valor Coins from the Claims Menu to purchase a reward.

Rewards: Valor Coin 2

#3/7: Defend your fellow Trovians! (5)

Splendid Summer 3/7: Your next quest requires your might, defeat 3 Star Dungeons and gather more Valor Coins for more rewards from my shop!

Rewards: Valor Coin 5

#4/7: Return to GMQubesly in the hub!

Splendid Summer 4/7: Visit me in the hub! As the Grand Marshal, your many Valor Coins will grant access to more rewards! Come see!

Rewards: Valor Coin 5

#5/7: Show off your new gear and jump in the Hub!

Splendid Summer 5/7: Show your valor all month long! This month is a reminder of supporting, encouraging, and showing love in more ways than one. Share that with your fellow Trovians.

Rewards: Valor Coin 5

#6/7: Defeat 3 Star Dungeons (25)

Splendid Summer 6/7: Celebrate your power and strength Trovian! Your strength is beyond compare of the void that we live in. Show your true might in this realm and in the next to bring down powerful enemies!! 

Rewards: Valor Coin 10

#7/7: Topple your enemy and rise above the struggle! (78)

Splendid Summer 7/7: This month is about loving yourself and encouraging others that your true self is the best you can be. Share the love, encourage others, and have fun Trovians!

Rewards: Valor Coin 10

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From PostCard yesterday:

The Valor Coins and the Tree Saplings are fighting each other for drop space.  So the Tree Saplings are being banished to 1* chests so Valor Coins drop properly from 3* chests.

This should start going in to effect on worlds created past this point on PC, PS4US, PS4Eu, and Xbox - working on Switch still (will update this message)

liked this! The probability of a coin dropping on a PC is too low
liked this! Coins are not dropping on PS4 platform :(
liked this! lo espero