Turkeytopia 2020 17 Nov - 1 Dec

Turkeytopia 2020

Event Summary

Questline - 7 steps

Crafting Table - Turkeytopia Table in the hub

Currency - Turkeytopia Mystery Box

Delve Biome - Turkeytopia


Main Quest Chain

#0/7: Complete Qubesly's Quest to access Events

Finish helping Quebsly to participate in Events! You can change your tracked quest at the Adventures Board.

#1/7: Open the Turkeytopia Table

Turkeytopia 2020 1/7: Trovian! Turkeytopia is in Trouble! I sent Diggsly into the Delves to get me a recipe for a sweet, new magrider called a Sliced Slider, but he hasn't returned! He said the map of where he was headed was at the Turkeytopia Table near CRAFTER'S CORNER in the HUB, take a look, will you?

Rewards: Dragon Coin 15

#2/7: Get Turkeytopia Mystery Boxes from Dungeons (3)

Turkeytopia 2020 2/7: It looks like he used the Turkeytopia Mystery Boxes as a cipher for his map, genius! And I know just where to get those Boxes, too! Go complete Dungeons in any Adventure World to collect some so you can craft the Delve Gateway to find Diggsly!

Rewards: Pearl of Wisdom 3

#3/7: Craft Delve Gateway: Diggsly's Demise?!

Turkeytopia 2020 3/7: Got the Mystery Boxes?! Great! Now use the Turkeytopia Table to craft the Delve Gateway so we can rescue Diggsly!

Rewards: Empowered Gem Box 3

#4/7: Use the Diggsly's Demise?! Delve Gateway

Turkeytopia 2020 4/7: He's down in the Delves somewhere! Place and interact with the Delve Gateway you just crafted using Build Mode [HK:SwitchInputMode]. Once you're in, find Diggsly!

Rewards: Recipe: Sliced Slider (Mag Rider) 1

#5/7: Learn the Recipe: Sliced Slider

Turkeytopia 2020 5/7: You found him! Thank goodness... and YOU! What are you waiting for, Trovian! Learn that recipe and craft it up!

Rewards: Lustrous Gem Box 3

#6/7: Craft the Sliced Slider

Turkeytopia 2020 6/7: Great work! These 'Trotting Turkeys' in the recipe must be what Diggsly was searching for down in the Delves! I'm sure you can collect more than enough to make the Sliced Slider!

Rewards: Turkeytopia Mystery Box 10

#7/7: Ride the Sliced Slider!

Turkeytopia 2020 7/7: Now that's what I call Nice! Don't forget to equip it and use [HK:EquipCart] to try it out! Happy Turkeytopia, Trovian!!!

Rewards: Empowered Gem Box 3

Daily Adventures

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