Trove world event history.

Pirates vs Ninjas 8 Sep - 22 Sep

Pirates vs Ninjas

Main Quest Chain

#0/7: Reach Mastery Level 10 to Unlock this Event Adventure

Rewards: Confetti Ball 1

#1/7: Talk to Saltwater Sam in the Hub

Pirate Captains vs Neon Ninjas 1/7: Trovian, help! The citizens of the Treasure Isles are angry, REALLY angry! I am hearing fractured reports, and I think it has something to do with Treasure showing up in the Neon City. Go talk to Saltwater Sam in the hub and see if you can't get to the bottom of this.

Rewards: Double Experience Potion 1

Talking with Saltwater Sam found on boats in Drowned Worlds works too.

#2/7: Complete a Treasure Isles Adventure (1)

Pirate Captains vs Neon Ninjas 2/7: Ok, so it sounds like the pirates are upset because treasure is their domain and they don't want the Neon Ninjas stealing their schtick. I think a little bit of community service would go a long way to help the pirates feel better. Head out to the Treasure Isles and pick up an adventure to help smooth things over.

Rewards: Forge Fragment 5

#3/7: Talk to the Resistors in the Neon City (1)

Pirate Captains vs Neon Ninjas 3/7: The pirates seem a bit calmer now, but I'm still not entirely sure what is happening. Try talking to the members of the resistance on outposts in the Neon City to see what they have to say about all this.

Rewards: Bound Brilliance 5

Interact with 'Make a Luminopolis Donation' spider NPC or any Luminopolis Outpost NPC.

#4/7: Donate in the Neon City (1)

Pirate Captains vs Neon Ninjas 4/7: Well, at least we know the Resistors are upset too. Lets calm folks down over here with a bit more community service don't you think? A donation should help get the job done.

Rewards: Lustrous Gem Box 3

Luminopolis Donation Stations can be found on Kami Outposts in Luminopolis.

#5/7: Find Buried Treasure in the Neon City (1)

Pirate Captains vs Neon Ninjas 5/7: I have a better feel for what is happening. The Pirates are upset because Treasure is their whole thing, and the Ninjas are mad that the Pirates are all up in their electric grill. See if you can locate one of these treasures we have heard so much about. X marks the spot, Trovian, so look for a block with an X on it to see what you can find out.

Rewards: Chaos Core 1

Look for Pink X (cross) on the ground of Neon City. Interact with it to pick up Buried Treasure Box. Multiple people can interact with same X.

One player can only interact with one Buried Treasure per day. Once interacted with a treasure, a player will not be able to see or interact with more Buried Treasures on that day.

#6/7: Craft a "Decoration: "Pirate" Chest" at the Radiant Dayspring (1)

Pirate Captains vs Neon Ninjas 6/7: Chaos? So Q'bthulhu must be behind this! Head back to the Radiant Dayspring in the hub and see if you can make a chest like this on your own. If you don't have a Chaos Core you may want to check your claims or hunt for more buried treasure in Neon City tomorrow.

Rewards: Dragon Coin 15

#7/7: Give the "Pirate" Chest to Saltwater Sam in the Hub

Pirate Captains vs Neon Ninjas 7/7: I bet Saltwater Sam would feel a lot better if you took that Chest to him. That chest would let him know the Neon Ninjas are not trying to step on the pirate's toes and this is all Q'bthulhu's doing. Last I saw him, he was hanging out in his boat in the hub.

Rewards: Captains Quarry

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In #3/7 the NPC can also be a centaur (and seems that also any other Neon biome NPC).

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