Heckbugs in Love! 11 Feb - 25 Feb

Heckbugs in Love! - Quest

Heckbugs in Love! runs from February 11, 2020 to February 25, 2020

Main Quest Chain

#0/8: Reach Mastery Level 10 to Unlock this Event Adventure (10)

Rewards: Confetti Ball 1

#1/8: Help Cave Critters (25)

"Heckbugs In Love 1/8: Hi Trovian! It's me, Qubesly. The heckbugs went into hiding last year, but they seem to be back in force. They are difficult to defeat without a friendly heckbug to help out. Dive down into the depths of geode and befriend cave critters. If you're kind enough, I'll give you something to attract a heckbug friend of your very own."

Rewards: Preserved Pow Meat 1

#2/8: Use the Preserved Pow Meat (2)

"Heckbugs In Love 2/8: You've more than proven yourself at this point, Trovian. Use that Preserved Pow Meat I just gave you to summon your very own heckbug to follow you around. Heckbugs are curious critters and will run off after a little while, but don't worry, they will come right back if you throw the Preserved Pow Meat again."

Rewards: Dragon Coin 15

Preserved Pow Meat can be thrown on the ground like a bomb, but it is not consumed and has a cooldown instead.

Use it two times anywhere to complete this step.

#3/8: Defeat Heckbugs in the Dragonfire Peaks (15)

"Heckbugs In Love 3/8:  The Dragonfire Peaks are swarming with heckbugs, but now that you have one of your own you can really turn the tables. Head out there and take those heckbugs down. Maybe, if you're lucky, one of them will fall in love with your companion and leave you a special surprise!"

Rewards: Bound Brilliance 15

Use Preserved Pow Meat near Heckbug mobs (or wait till your Temporary Heckbug ally walks to them on its own) in Dragonfire Peaks to be able to deal damage to them.

#4/8: Collect Skittering Heart Boxes from Heckbugs (10)

"Heckbugs In Love 4/8: These heckbugs are a bit overwhelming, but sometimes they hand over Skittering Heart Boxes when they are defeated! Take more of them out, will you, I don't want to be over run! Make sure you keep your friend with you, I gave them to you to help out."

Rewards: Ninth Life 1

#5/8: Defend against an Invasion (5)

"Heckbugs In Love 5/8: As if the roaming Heckbugs weren't enough, they are coming from the sky too?! Bad news, Trovian. I don't think your companion can help you here. Those heckbugs look too nasty for love."

Rewards: Electric Skitterling

#6/8: Equip a Heckbug Mount (1)

"Heckbugs In Love 6/8: Thank you for all your help Trovian, equip a skitterling mount to celebrate the season. I just gave you one called the 'Electric Skitterling' that would look great right now."

Rewards: Crystalline Core 25

#7/8: Help Heckbugs find love (5)

"Heckbugs In Love 7/8: I've been talking to your friend and it sounds like they really want to find some special people this Heckbug season. Head back out to the dragonfire peaks and introduce it to as many heckbugs as you can. Sooner or later they are bound to find someone... or a few someones they mesh with."

Rewards: Lunar Soul 6

Like in Step 3, get your Temporal Heckbug ally next to Heckbug mob and wait for VFX to show up.

If those two Heckbugs fall in love, the mob Heckbug will shrink in size and Small Hearts VFX will appear around them and they both will disappear.

If the match failed, the mob Heckbug will increase in size and Big Broken Heart VFX will appear. With that it is safe to kill the Heckbug mob and move to the next one.

#8/8: Open Lockboxes (150)

"Heckbugs In Love 8/8: Thank you for helping out that heckbug. Now its time to do something we both love, open boxes! Open up boxes and happy Heckbug season, Trovian!."

Rewards: Builder's Superior Focus 1

Any boxes can be opened for this step.

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Wish they made the allies tradeable


It's said that rarely when the bugs fall in love tradable allies might drop... but at least for me non of those has dropped :(

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