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Mobi wrote:

Howdy Trovians,

We are aware of an issue with Clear Cursed Skull Piles not giving credit for the following types of Cursed Skulls.

  • Shadow Tower Arena Cursed Skulls
  • Shadow Tower Boss Cursed Skulls
  • Swarming Cursed Skulls (where all of the monsters appear at once)
  • Invasion Cursed Skulls (The ones in Shores of the Everdark)

We have asked Qubesly to be clearer about what he wants in the future, but for now, only the following types of cursed will give credit for this adventure:

  • Assault Cursed Skulls where the monsters attack in multiple waves.

Thank you for calling this out to us, Trovians and have a great Shadow’s Eve!

Your Pal,


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Mobi wrote:

PC is back online now, earlier than expected!

Time for Shadow's Eve!

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Mobi wrote:

Hello PC Trovians,

PC is currently offline (10:00am PDT) and we expect the maintenance to be about 3 hours from now. Sorry for the inconvenience and prepare to jump into Shadow's Eve!

We we're seeing reports of connectivity issues yesterday and are still working on fixes regarding this.

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