Dueling Dragons

[Dungeon (3 Star)] [Forbidden Spires]

3 weeks ago

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Nasty situation happening here, spring exacerbation has corrupted the minds of these 2 random dragons, how could it be that it was around this beautiful house, its hight may be the reason for that. But an incomprehensible duel began. Maybe this is their mating dance? Who knows. Be aware of debree and try to not fall of the edge, and be careful, apparently these houseowners are not too happy about it.

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Creation Status Changed to Active
by Ylva April 19, 2021


Oh my, this dungeon sure does look epic. I love the ambiance of it a whole lot, detailing is amazing and it has just a right amount of deco, very well done!

However, as a moderator i do have to point some thing out:

- layout is pretty static but quite confusing nevertheless. PC players are blessed with waypointer mods but console players unfortunately do not have that. Im afraid they will skip the dungeon because finding everything will take longer than travelling to next 3*. Red portals (minigame teleporters) at every possible boss location could work to fix that.

- im not 100% sure if current aesthetics are good fit for usually more flat and square Trove style, i would rather see most of those houses as proper rectangular boxes instead of diagonal-based ones. But! I think its worth to show this as is to Developers because squaring things up would somewhat ruin the idea.

- i wont call the current way of variations my favorite. While you do let bosses chose where to spawn, their rooms will always look the same/offer same challenge. Again though, but! it could be alright to keep them as is and make changes if Devs request that.

- remains of some unfortunate adventurers in dragons belly are a very nice touch :P


Going to set it to Active for a bit, hoping to see that easier navigation on next Review.

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by onigiry April 13, 2021






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