Wooden Whacker

[Melee] [Medieval Highlands]

2 months ago

by nimblithe Home Files

a cornerstone sign that was taken as a makeshift weapon

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by nimblithe February 26, 2021
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by Ylva February 25, 2021


I am very fond of the idea behind this melee, nice find! However, melee and all the other types of styles need to fit in 'bounding box' - maximum allowed dimensions to ensure that same sword, for example, will work on all sword-wielding classes without clipping through their bodies.

You can find guidelines for Melee over here > https://trove.fandom.com/wiki/Melee_Creation_Guide . Please be sure to follow those. You can find links to pages with requirements for every other style on our Guides tab (button on top, between My Creations and Rewards).

Going to change status of your creation to Active for now, set it back to Needs Review if you upload any changes. If you would rather post something completely different you could set status to Draft, that will hide this creation from public list and will free up a slot for another creation. In any case, good luck!

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by nimblithe February 11, 2021






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